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The Incredible Hulk :: Wii Game Review

Unleash your rage and smash everything with the Incredible Hulk game for Nintendo Wii! Here’s our more

Crazy Taxi 2 :: Dreamcast Game Review

Pack up and head to New York with Crazy Taxi 2. The Big Apple needs a cabbie and you're the one to do it. Fast fares, easy cash and hot tunes. more

ChuChu Rocket :: GBA Game Review

What's a ChuChu? What's a KapuKapu? Why are they invading your Game Boy Advance? Catch the 411 on this kooky puzzle game from Sega and get more
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Crazy Taxi :: Dreamcast Game Cheat Codes

Here's a weird concept: cheat codes that make the game HARDER. Check out how to crank up the difficulty and unlock everything from drivers to more
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Sonic and the Black Knight :: Wii Game Review

Sega's more recent Sonic games have disappointed many fans, and this one only continues that trend downwards. Even though, the game has great more

Free Wii, Iron Man, Kung Fu Chat and Harry Potter

We have Iron Man videos, a Kung Fu Panda chat, Speed Racer previews, Harry Potter news and the 411 on a free Wii! more
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Welcome to Japan

It's smaller in size than California, but Japan houses more than three times the population. Get more on the island country that lies in the Ring of more

Ultimate Video Game Giveaway - Top Xbox Games!

Wanna know what the best Xbox games around are? Kidzworld's got the must have list for your Xbox more
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Console Wars Part 1 :: Sega Dreamcast

Console Wars kicks off with the Sega Dreamcast. It was the first console on the scene and the first to die off. Is it still worth the bucks to buy more
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PS3 Price Cut, Golden Compass, EA Games and Spyro!

A PS3 price cut, a Golden Compass video, EA’s family sports games for Wii and the 411 on Spyro - get it here! more
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Space World 2001 Scoop

Nintendo is throwing a big party to show off all of its games, systems and future plans. Catch the news on the Gamecube delay, when you'll see Zelda, more

Game News: 2006, 01, 22-28

DDR is battling pudgy butts in West Virginia while celebs hang with Nintendo. Check out the pictures and newsread more
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Console Wars 3 - Play With This

The Playstation 2 is ready to toe the line in this weeks installment of the Console Wars. Does the PS2 have the power to blow away the competition or more
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Console Wars 3 :: Playstation 2

The Playstation 2 is ready to toe the line in this week's installment of the Console Wars. How well is the PS2 going to hold up to competition like more
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Game News: 2006, 01, 29 - 02, 04

We've got pics of Curious George! Plus, DDR and Pac-Man video game sequel news. Check it more
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Sonic Adventure 2 :: Dreamcast Game Review

Va-va-VROOOM! Sonic is back and he's ready to rock. He's got more speed than Gran Turismo, more 'tude than Lara Croft, his own pokemon, Chao, more

Shonen Jump’s Bleach TCG: Soul Society Set Review

Step into the Soul Society with Ichigo and Rukia in this 120-card expansion for the Bleach card game. We review it! more
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NCAA College Football 2K2 :: Dreamcast Game Review

Tackle some poor SOB from 50 miles away, blast through a defensive line without breaking a sweat and score a field goal with one thumb. Catch the 411 more
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Console Wars :: The Finale

They're rough, they're tough, they're lean, mean, game machines. Which console has what it takes to beat the pudding out of the rest and be the king more
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Ooga Booga :: Dreamcast Game Review

Are you ready to play Smakahuna with a bunch of Hotties and a wild boar? You better be, or Ooga Booga's gonna be mad - and an angry volcano goddess more
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