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Tagged with summer vacation

Sindy's Blog - September 4, 2007

The first day back to school is always strange. You're bummed that summer is over but you're excited to see your friends.... read more

Sindy's Blog - July 12, 2007

This summer is going way better than expected! My job rocks and now I’ve got some jamming partners to practice guitar playing wit... read more

Sindy's Blog - June 28, 2007

Looks like Simon isn't the only one with a super cool job this summer - I got a part-time gig at this surfboard store!... read more

Sindy's Blog - June 7, 2007

I am way jealous of Simon's new summer job! With my luck I’ll probably get stuck serving food at a diner again.... read more

Simon's Blog - May 15, 2007

I have a really good feeling that this summer is going to seriously rock, but how am I going to come up with the cash to fund all this funread more

Sindy's Blog - August 31, 2006

Camp is officially winding down and I'll be headed back to California on Sunday. I can't believe summer is over!... read more

Sindy's Blog - August 3, 2006

After the week from hell at camp, my luck has definitely been looking up. I have an impressive tan, the weather's been great and I met a... read more

Sindy's Blog - June 22, 2006

School is finally over and I managed to score practically straight A's! Looks like I'll be shipping off to camp this weekend - I ... read more

Sindy's Blog - July 20, 2006

While I'm still having a good time at camp, it's been a bit of a rough week. Would you believe I got attacked by Poison Ivyread more

Road Trip Games and Activities

Every year thousands of families hit the open road. We've got the games to prevent your brain from slipping into neutral!... read more

Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park

Looking for things to keep you busy this summer? Have fun and stay cool at Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. It's fun for the whole family!... read more

Sindy's Blog - June 8, 2006

I've been hired on at a summer camp in Pennsylvania ... read more

Sindy's Blog - May 25, 2006

Sindy's gettin' ready for a summer packed with camp-counseling fun. Find out more about her vacation plans right here!... read more

Simon's Blog - May 16, 2006

The good weather has arrived, my teachers are babbling about final exams and my dad keeps pestering me to cut the lawn.... read more

Sindy's Blog - April 27, 2006

Despite having a week off from school, I feel like I need another vacation! Guess it's time to start planning my summer.... read more

Sindy's Blog - August 25, 2005

I've never really dreaded heading back to school, but this summer has just been so enjoyable, I don't want it to end!... read more

Simon's Blog - August 16, 2005

I've just come back from my first outdoor adventure of the summer. My brother and I went hiking with my dog Ralph.... read more

Sindy's Blog - August 11, 2005

I've finally convinced my mom to take me and Amy on our annual camping trip! I'm excited cuz it's been a while since we've been in the <... read more

Simon's Blog - August 2, 2005

I feel like I've been living inside an oven for the past two weeks. It's been so stinking hot this summer.... read more

Simon's Blog - July 19, 2005

My summer of relaxation and chilling out has come to an end. I've just got a job at a sporting goods store.... read more