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Dear Dish-It, My Brother Keeps Beating Me Up (pg.2)

My brother is five years older than I am and he's using physical violence. I've told my mom a million times but she is always saying to keep out of more

Dear Dish-It, Should I Dump My Guy?

I don't know what to do about my BF. He acts like my father. He tells me what kind of music to listen to and never lets me do what I want. If I break more

Dear Dish-It, How Long Will We Just Be Friends?

I finally got my courage up to ask this girl out. Her reply was the well known, "Let's be friends first." How long does this "friends" thing last? more

Win a Nivea Style Prize Pack!

Nivea's got soul and style. And, now you can win a little of that funky look by entering the Ultimate Nivea Prize Pack Contest! more
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Dear Dish-It, I Just Want More Freedom

My parents expect me to be the all-American daughter and be a role model for my younger sisters. I just want to be me! more

Dear Dish-It, Should I Tell My Mom Everything?

My mom thinks I don't "talk to her enough." Is it wrong if I don't want to tell her every intimate detail of my life? more

Dear Dish-It, My Boyfriend Says I Study Too Much

My BF is trippin' because I hang out with my friends after school to study. He says it takes up too much of my more

Dear Dish-It, I'm in Love With My Best Friend

There is this guy and he has a girlfriend but I am starting to have feelings for him. He is my best friend, what should I do? more

Bob Burnquist Bio

Bob Burquist: Top of the World

The Brazilian Bob Burnquist grew up in cities such as Rio De Janiero, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre. Bob is such a creative skateboarder, learning in a more

Dear Dish-It, I Want to Find My 7th Heaven

My parents have been divorced since I was five. I live with my mom, so I really miss my dad. How can I deal with this? more

Dear Dish-It, Should I Beat Him Up?

I like this girl I'm friends with, but she's got a BF! I've seen them hug and kiss in front of me. I wanna beat him up. Should I? more

How to Save for Something Big

How to Save for Something Big

Whatever you're saving up for - college, an Xbox - you're going to need a game plan. Get the 411 on saving your money right here! more

Quiz the Coach - I Wanna Ditch Cheerleading!

My problem is urgent! I hate cheerleading. I did it last year, but by January I hated it so much. How do I tell the 'rents? more
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Quiz the Coach - I Like Karate, Not Dancing!

I love karate but everyone, including my friends and parents, thinks I should just drop out. What should I do? more
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Kate Bosworth Biography

Kate Bosworth hits the big screen again this summer in an epic superhero flick! Find out more about the new Lois more
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Get the Look :: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Get the Look :: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen is hitting the big screen this weekend in The Wackness and we're gonna show you how to snag the twin's styles! more

Love Poems for Valentine's Day

Love Poems for Valentine's Day

Stumped on how to express yourself on Valentine's Day? Here are a few sweet and silly love poems to send to your crush! more

AIDS Foundations Come to Your Aide


Nov 30, 2010 AIDS foundations work to raise awareness through education. With their help, the fight against AIDS has grown since the disease was first identified more

The World's Strongest Boy

Richard Sandrak

He's nicknamed Little Hercules for young age and big physique. Meet Richard Sandrak - the World's Stongest Boy! more

Anastasia Ashley Interview

Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley talks about staying on her surfboard, eating veggies, her celebrity crushes and more