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Cranium Squawkbox Pirate's Passage Review

Race your ship and lay claim to the pirate's hidden treasure when you play Squawkbox Cards Pirate's Passage!... read more

Amazing Places: National Parks - Card Deck Review

From Death Valley to Mount Rushmore, add the coolest places in the world to your favorite card games!... read more

Cranium Tune Twister Review

Play Cranium Tune Twister, where the object of the game is to write and sing silly new lyrics to the tune of old songs!... read more

Dread Pirate Board Game Review

Yar-har! Collect booty on the high seas and become the dread pirate in this trivia-filled board game. We review it here.... read more

HeroScape: Fortress of the Archkyrie Review

We review the new Fortress of the Archkyrie castle set for the HeroScape board game of awesome fantasy battles.... read more

Griddly Headz Baseball Board Game Review

Join the wacky Griddly Headz baseball team for some time at-bat in this sports board game. Here’s our review.... read more

Cranium Zooreka Review

Be the first to build the ultimate zoo and you win, but watch out for dangerous obstacles along the way! Get the review of Zooreka right here.... read more

Card Games for the Whole Family!

Pick a card, any card! Kidzworld checks out a bunch of fun card games you can play with your whole family or your friends!... read more

Nick Scene It? Review

Do you love the Nick channel? Are SpongeBob SquarePants and Zoey 101 just a few of your favorite TV shows? Then you gotta play the Nick Scene It? DVD ... read more

Monopoly: The Mega Edition Review

The world's most famous game has come out with an all-new mega edition. This game's not just bigger - you play faster and get rich quicker too!... read more

NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge

Use football knowledge, luck and calcuated strategy to play the NFL Gridiron Trivia Challenge Board Game.... read more

The Game Of Life - Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Visit ports, raid enemy ships and collect pirate loot with The Game Of Life: Pirates of the Caribbean 2.... read more

HeroScape Board Game: Thaelenk Tundra Set Review

It's chill time with our review of the icy Thaelenk Tundra expansion for the HeroScape board game of awesome fantasy battlesread more

Hunker Down - The Hurricane Game

Experience the wild ups and downs of Hurricane Season with the fast-paced board game, Hunker Down.... read more

Cars: Later Mater Puzzle Game

Race against the clock to put Mater the tow truck back together in Cars, Later Mater Puzzle Game.... read more

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"Ilikeham123" wrote: "thatonenb" wrote: Once I heard a theory that Foxy is actually a good guy. Kinda crazy, I know, but there was some pretty solid evidence backing it up. (Not that I completely support it, but I'm looking into the possibility.)   Yeah, Foxy gets worried about Mike, so he rushes over to the office to check on him, but since he has a malfunctioning voice box, he screams and that gives Mike a heart attack. I thought about that, and it seems kind of true, but it may also be Foxy fangirl logic. Just guessing based on the amount of posts lately that say "BE MEH SENPAI FOXEH!!!".
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