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posts from the Games forums

I'm bored, so I'll do this :P 1. What is your name? Anna. 2. How old are you? Fourteen Xp 3. What grade are you in? 9th 4. How many siblings do you have? Five, not including me. 5. Do you have any pets? How many? Yes, eleven. 6. Are you single or taken? Single :P 7. Straight, gay, bi? Straight. 8. Girl or Boy? Girl. 9. Favorite Movie? Not sure; I haven't been watching TV lately and I can't remember a lot of movies XD 10. Book? The Sword of Summer. 11. Favorite tv show? Not sure again, like with the movie XD 12. Favorite youtuber? VenturianTale Xp 13. Do you make good grades in school? Yes :) 14. Do you like school? No. 15. Are you emotional? Not really. 16 Are you romantic? I don't know. Maybe XD 17. Have you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend? No. 18. What color is you hair naturally? Dirty blonde, closer to a golden brown. 19. What color is it right now? Natural color :P 20. How long is it? Shoulder-length. 21. Favorite band/signer? Zyro. Yes, the user :P But he's not a singer. Mainly EDM artist. Idk XD 22. Favorite kind of music? EDM type stuff. 23. Favorite vacation? I don't go on vacation. Lol 24. Where would you like to live? Right in the town I currently live in :) 25. Do you play sports? No. Not athletic. 26. Do you play an instrument? Glockenspiel X3 27. What is your phone/computer/tablet percentage? 100% (The laptop I'm using is still plugged in). 28. Do you have any peircings? No. 29. Do you want more/any piercings? Yeah, kinda :P 30. Do you have tattoos? No. 31. Do you want more/any tattoos? Possibly. Not at the moment but it may change. 32. Have you ever broken any bones? Nope :D 33. Have you ever pulled/tore a tendon? Nope. 34. Do you like seafood? It depends. Shrimp yes. 35. What's your favorite food? Cheese :D 36. What's your favorite drink? Water :D 37. What's your favorite dessert? Cherries :D They're dessert for me. I don't care that they're a fruit XD 38. Do you work out? Nope. 39. Do you cook? Yes. 40. Do you bake? Yes. 41. How tall are you? 5'4" 42. Do you drink tea or water more? Water :D 43. Cola or Sprite? Sprite. 44. Steak or Seafood? Steak. 45.Chick fil a or McDonalds? I never had that, so I guess McDonalds Xp 46. Beach or Mountains? Mountains. 47. Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez? I don't know XD 48. Favorite Number? I never thought of this until now XD 2 49. Favorite Color? Orange. 50. What time is it right now? 3:25 PM 51. If you had 3 wishes what would they be? 1: Being able to think faster. 2: Doing math faster. 3: Being able to see my best friend more often in real life :D 52. If you were on a deserted island what would be three things you would want? 1: Someone so I wouldn't be alone. 2: Food so I don't starve. 3: Water so I don't dehydrate. 53. What would be one thing you would save from your house during a house fire? My plastic Yoshi thingy. All my other possessions aren't Yoshi XD 54. Do you have a sketchbook? Yes :D 55. Do you have a video game console? Yes. A Wii and a(n) N64 56. Do you have a phone? Yes. 57. Do you watch younow? No. 58. Do you have a musical.ly? No. 59. How long have you had KidzWorld? Four days. 60. Pink or Purple? Purple :D 61. Blue or green? Green :D 62. What are 3 things you would take on a roadtrip and why? 1: My sketchbook. 2: My pencil. 3: My pencil sharpener. I must not be bored. 63. Who's your rolemodel/inspiration and why? I don't really have a role model/inspiration. Can I skip this question? XD 64. Favorite school subject? English :D 65. Do you like shopping? No, no, no no no no. 66. What size shoe do you wear? 7.5 in women's. 67. Is it raining right now? No :P 68. Is it day or night right now? Day. ##. Is it cloudy? Nope. 70. When do you wake up in the morning? During summer, from 8-10 AM. School year always 5 AM. 71. When do you go to bed at night? During summer, from 10-12 PM-AM. School year I normally go to bed at 8-9 PM. 72. Favorite country? Ireland. 73. What languages do you speak? English. 74. Have you ever been outside your home country? No. 75. Have you ever been outside of your home state? Yes, to several. 76. What color are your nails right now? Nail color. Meaning normal color XD 77. Do you have your own camera? If my phone doesn't count, then no. 78. Do you like writing? I love writing :D 79. Do you like reading? Yes :) 80. What color are your room walls? Blue 81. Do you have a TV? In the livingroom. Not my bedroom. 82. Do you wear dresses? Only when I have to. 83. Is it always cold or hot where you live? Mostly cold. Sometimes it'll get hot. 84. Are you bored right now? Yes. 85. Do your fingers hurt from typing? No. 86. Does your brain hurt from thinking? No. 87. Not done yet. Do you want to go to Hollywood? No. 88. What about New York? No. 89. Do you have a lot of friends? In real life, no XD Online, do you mean friends list or people who talk to me? Both cases not a lot Xp 90. We made it! Jk! Lobster or Crab? Crab. 91. Long or short hair? Long-ish. 92. Wavy, Straight, or Curly hair? Wavy, curly at the bottom. 93. Do you wear make up? No. 94. How are you wearing your hair right now? Down. 95. Do you wear glasses? Yes. 96. Contacts? No. 97. Favorite animal? Penguin Xp 98. Are you vegan? No. 99. Have you ever taken a survey this long? No XD 100. Did you enjoy the survey? Yes :D Done XD
reply 19 minutes
Banned because you have angel in your name 
reply about 5 hours
ishani15 posted in Forum Games:
i am not emotional at all
reply about 5 hours
I'm not shy Nope!
reply about 5 hours

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