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Ben 10 Toys & Action Figures

The ten-year old kid with alien powers now has his own action figures. Check out the new Ben 10 alien action figures and toys.... read more

Star Wars Miniatures: Champions of the Force Set Review

We review the lightsaber-packin' horde of Jedi and Sith in the Star Wars Miniatures: Champions of the Force expansion set.... read more

X-Men Minimates

Check out some of the latest characters from the new X-Men flick with Minimates collectible action figures.... read more

Dodge Discs

If you can't dodge 'em, block 'em! Send foam discs flying up to 25 feet with Dodge Discs from Wild Planet Toys.... read more

Marshmallow Shooters and Blasters

Play hard, eat soft! Get ready for marshmallow-blasting fun with Marshmallow Blasters from the Marshmallow Fun Company... read more

D&D Miniatures: Underdark Expansion Set Review

Evil elves, spiders and giant monsters lurk in this game of fantasy combat. Check out our review of this new game!... read more

1980s Toys For Boys

From the original Transformers to the coolest action figures, Kidzworld checks out some of the best toys from the 1980s.... read more

Star Wars Miniatures: Attack on Endor Set Review

Want to smack some Ewoks around with a giant robot? Of course you do! And, now you can. Check out our preview.... read more

Playmates King Kong Action Figure

Get ready for monsterous jaw ripping action with the King Kong and V-Rex action figures from Playmates.... read more

Star Wars Miniatures: AT-AT Imperial Walker Review

The colossal AT-AT Walker from the Star Wars movies can be yours in the Star Wars Mini- atures game! We review it.... read more

Wild Ones Action Figures

You won't find these anchored to the couch watching TV. Wild Ones are adventure action figures who live for their sport.... read more

Mission Paintball

Get ready for action-packed splats! Turn your television set into a gigantic paintball park with Mission Paintball.... read more

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Sewer Spewer

Get ready for super-spewing action with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle remote controlled Sewer Spewer.... read more

Batman Begins - Transforming Gotham City

Turn the Batmobile into Gotham City with the Batman Begins Transforming Gotham City play set.... read more

Dropstars Remote Controlled Cars

With big tires and bumpin' beats, Dropstars are remote controlled models of the hottest custom show cars around.... read more

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Shadeleaf posted in Forum Games:
(Wowie I always wanted glass for my spaghetti trap) I throw Annoying Dog at the user below :P
reply 27 minutes
aaliya posted in Forum Games:
so vile!! i throw a glass at the user below :p :p
reply 38 minutes
Tomboy03 posted in Forum Games:
ahhh!!   throws a goat at user below
reply about 2 hours
Shadeleaf posted in Forum Games:
(So off topic)I throw bombs at the user below. 
reply about 2 hours

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