My Horse & Me :: Wii Game Review

My Horse & Me :: Wii Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Feb 26, 2008
( Rating: 2 Star Rating)

My Horse & Me has arrived for the Wii! But, this new horse-themed game is lame! Read our game review to find out why.

The gaming geeks at Atari just finished teaming up with the International Equestrian Federation to make the new My Horse & Me video game for DS, PC and Wii. It's packed with realistic horse activities for you and up to three of your friends to enjoy - including competitions, grooming and multiplayer contests. If you've been following our previews then you may have high hopes for this game, unfortunately it's lame! Read our game review to find out why.

Saddle Up!

In My Horse & Me you get to be a horseback rider with your very own horse to ride and enter in competitions. You can dress it up, change your own clothes around, play a bunch of mini-games and then enter a pile of horse contests to win medals and advance on your way to becoming a champion!

Galloping Good Times

The best part about this game are the graphics - the horses look great and the courses are fantastic. They even have realistic cottonwood fluff in the air as you ride around. There are also a few mini-games that are a lot of fun - like the balloon corralling one!

Lame Game!

What. The. Heck. For starters, this game has no tutorial, barely any instructions and you have to dig around to find a way to customize the look of your horse and rider. And it doesn't get much better! Not only is the gameplay really basic and the sound FX a total snore, there's no way to just hang with your horse! It may as well be a car with hair for all the personality it has. There's a "Groom" option, but you never need to and every time you groom your horse it starts out just as dirty, even if you just groomed it! If that's not enough, the mini-games are sketchy - a few are fun but some really suck.

Thoroughbred or Glue on the Hoof?

Even though it looks great, this game forgot the fun factor. It's tricky to get playing, the mini-games are hit-or-miss and there's no way to spend time with your horse. My Horse & Me is basically a racing game with horses. If you're hardcore about horseback riding contests, you could enjoy it but you're better off with a copy of Horse Life for DS.

Thumbs Up:

  • Cool graphics.
  • Some fun mini-games.
  • Thumbs Down:

  • You can't hang out with your horse!
  • Hardly any tutorials to get you started.
  • Weak gameplay.
  • Boring sound FX.
  • Game Rating: 2

    Available for: DS, PC and Wii.

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