Horse Life :: Nintendo DS Game Review

Raise and ride your own virtual horse with the Horse Life video game for DS! Is it fun? Find out with Gary’s Horse Life review!
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Horse Life :: Nintendo DS Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Nov 02, 2007
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Raise and ride your own virtual horse with the Horse Life video game for DS! Is it fun? Find out with Gary’s Horse Life review!

The Horse Life video game for Nintendo DS lets you live the dream of having your very own horse! You get to do everything with it, from raising it to caring for it, brushing it, dressing it up and riding it through equestrian contests and winning prizes. Our Horse Life game review is right here, check it out!

Foal to Stallion!

You get started on Horse Life by picking a horse and watching the cute newborn foal walk for the very first time. Then you skip ahead two years to when it's grown up and get started on learning how to ride it. You get five actions per day and can spend them hangin' with your horse, learning riding moves, getting new gear at the store, riding in the woods and entering contests to win prestige and money! The more you do, the more stuff you unlock and the more moves you and your horse can learn.

Raising a Champion

Once your horse is ready to ride, the fun begins. From the easy-to-learn moves you need to master to win prizes and diplomas, to feeding her snacks, petting her, buying new horse saddles and brushes, entering competitions or even just going for a ride - it's all a lot of fun! Plus, there's a bit of a story as the rest of the characters chat with you and each other.

Saddle Sores

The biggest nuisance in this game is the people. Grandpa tells you your options every single time you want to do something, the guy at the store can never remember who you are and Madeline, the snarky competition, keeps repeating herself. There aren't many options for customizing your horse or rider either.

Thoroughbred or Mule?

Want a horse? Horse Life is as close as you'll get for less than a fortune! The graphics are good and you can do a lot with your fave pet - even just watch her play in the field. More options for the look of your horse would be nice, but it's still a lot of fun to go racing through the woods, competing in contests and buying snacks for your awesome pet horse.

Thumbs Up:

  • Taking care of your horse is addictive fun!
  • Easy-to-learn moves for controlling your horse.
  • Tons of forest trails to go riding on.
  • Your horse is super cute.
  • Thumbs Down:

  • The people are pretty dumb.
  • Not many options for your horse or rider.
  • Game Rating: 4

    Available for: DS.

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