Naruto: Ninja Destiny :: DS Game Review

Is kicking butt with Naruto and gang in this 3D fighting game for the Nintendo DS any fun? Find out with our game review!
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Naruto: Ninja Destiny :: DS Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Mar 04, 2008
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Is kicking butt with Naruto and gang in this 3D fighting game for the Nintendo DS any fun? Find out with our game review!

Naruto and the gang from the hit anime and manga series are on the Nintendo DS in a brand-new 3D fighting game! Naruto: Ninja Destiny lets you control 16 of your favorite ninja warriors in wicked battles through a huge chunk of the Naruto story and more. But does all the intense battle action make an awesome game or is it awful? Find out with our game review.

Ninja Battle Basics

Grab your favorite Naruto character and fight! You can either unleash Jutsu in the story mode, which lets you unlock more characters as you battle through about 100 episodes of the Naruto TV show. Or multiplayer lets you challenge a friend to a showdown with any two characters. The buttons control the battle moves but the touch screen fills up with random power-ups you can activate with a quick tap to mix things up a bit.

Ultimate Ninja Awesomeness

Sixteen ninja warriors ready to battle on eight different levels: does it get sweeter? The 3D graphics are great too. Everything is super smooth and the details are awesome! It's especially sweet when you unleash super-huge moves and clobber your opponent. The power-ups are a nice touch too, giving each battle some random fun.

Failing Grades

Taking a page from Dragon Ball Z Sagas, there's an easy one-two combo that can defeat almost any opponent. Lame! The only other problems are that a few ninjas are stronger than others and that you need two copies of the game to play multiplayer. C'mon folks, where's the download fun?

Do You Believe it?

With incredible 3D graphics, fast battles and awesome super attacks, this game is a blast! Some unbalanced characters and repetitive moves are a pain. But the action is still awesome fun, even for people who don't know who Naruto is!

Thumbs Up:

  • Multiplayer ninja battles!
  • Awesome power attacks.
  • 16 characters to unlock and control.
  • Random power-ups for each battle.
  • Thumbs Down:

  • Power attacks make winning battles too easy.
  • Two copies for multiplayer? Aww...
  • Some characters are way stronger than others.
  • Game Rating: 4

    Available for: DS.

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