World of Warcraft Card Game: Servants of the Betrayer Review

Treachery and betrayal! New cards let you serve Kael’Thas Sunrider or Lady Vashj to gain incredible power. We review this new set.
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World of Warcraft Card Game: Servants of the Betrayer Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Apr 10, 2008
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Treachery and betrayal! New cards let you serve Kael’Thas Sunrider or Lady Vashj to gain incredible power. We review this new set.

In the new World of Warcraft card game set the demons' march is over, but now two new villains are mucking things up. Kael'Thas Sunrider and Lady Vashj are trying to corrupt the Outlands and they're convincing heroes to become traitors by offering them great power! These new cards let you pick your side as you join the battle. Traitor? Hero? We review this set to see if it's any good.

What's New?

Things are getting messy in Azeroth with this new 264-card set! But with 19-cards per Booster Pack, it's still a great deal for your dollars. There are also a few new powers to play with and here's the 411 on them.

  • Traitor - Some hero cards are traitors and swap their normal ability (protection, retribution, etc...) to be able to use powerful new Traitor cards.
  • End/Start of Turn Ability - New cards can unleash their abilities at the start or end of turns.
  • Lady Katrana Prestor - The human form of the great dragon Onyxia arrives! She lets you challenge your opponent to an Onyxia Raid Deck battle. Yikes!
  • Loot Cards - Three new loot cards are waiting to be found!

Treasures and Fun!

There's a lot of cool stuff in this set, even though some of it is just crazy! Lady Katrana Prestor and Millhouse Manastorm are a blast, and the new naga swarm deck strategy is a lot of fun. The Traitor cards are sweet too - they're really strong!

Treachery is for Losers

Unfortunately, Traitor heroes gain a few cool tricks, but can't use a bunch of normal cards. And a lot of the really wacky cards in this set will get banned for being too weird and driving your friends nuts!

W00T or Weak?

At 19 cards per Booster Pack, you're getting a great deal on this set. The Traitor cards are fun, but there aren't enough of them yet. If more Traitor cards come out later, then this set will be great. Otherwise, stick to March of the Legion unless you have a massive allowance and want to surprise your friends with an Onyxia raid.

Thumbs Up:

  • 19 cards in every pack!
  • Powerful new Traitor cards.
  • Wacky cards like Lady Katrana Prestor and Millhouse Manastorm!
  • More Inspire and Sabotage cards.

Thumbs Down:

  • Not a lot of Traitor cards yet.
  • Traitor heroes can't use a LOT of cards.

Set Rating: 4

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