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World of Warcraft :: Trading Card Game Review

World of Warcraft :: Trading Card Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jan 11, 2007
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Enter the World of Warcraft as a heroic warrior and battle with, or against, your friends. Gary reviews the card game!

The World of Warcraft (WoW) video game is a fantastically popular game that lets you create a fantasy hero and adventure in an online world full of other heroes, monsters, villains and magic. Now Upper Deck, the folks behind the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! card game and the award-winning Quickstrike Avatar and Pirates card games, have taken the fantasy battles of the number one online game in the world and made a card game out of it! Is it a smash hit or a serious stinker? Here’s the 411 from Gary.

World of Warcraft Card Game Basics

In the WoW card game Starter Deck, you get a hero card and a deck of cards for the hero. Each hero is a different kind of warrior – a mighty orc fighter, an elf wizard, a shapeshifting druid or dozens more, including trolls and the living dead! Each hero can use different abilities and you build a deck of cards that will let them battle with weapons, powers and allies. Then you duel against a friend’s deck, or with friends against the dreaded dragon Onyxia! The first player to run out of life points, or cards, loses.

World of Awesomeness, the Card Game!

Wow, the WoW card game is incredible! The cards are gorgeous, with incredible art from the creators of the WoW video game, and top comic book artists like Todd McFarlane. The game is a blast too cuz it’s packed with adventure and action from all over the massive online fantasy world of Azeroth. It’s incredibly detailed, with lots of cool ways to power up your character and with tons of characters to play. There’s also an expansion coming soon with even more abilities, plus a worldwide tournament league where hardcore players can win hard cash.

World of Waving Bye-Bye to Your Allowance

Getting started in the WoW card game can be frustrating because each Starter Deck has a random hero. So, if you want to play a big warrior, but get a tiny gnome instead, you’re stuck. It’s also super easy to lose your entire allowance into this game ‘cuz there are so many heroes and decks you can build.

World of Warcraft Card Game Hit or Miss?

Getting into the game with a starter is easy if you don’t mind getting a random hero. The rules are fairly simple but the game is huge! You can lose your allowance and boggle your brain with the insane variety of cards and heroes. However, if you start small with one hero, you can have a lot of fun in the fantasy world of Azeroth with the World of Warcraft card game.

World of Warcraft Thumbs Up:

  • Awesome looking cards!
  • Join your friends to battle the fierce dragon Onyxia!
  • Tons of cards, and decks to build.
  • Dueling feels like you’re controlling a fantasy hero.
  • Get power-ups for the World of Warcraft video game in booster packs!
  • Click Here for the 411 on Regional Tournaments and winning $$$.

  • World of Warcraft Thumbs Down:

  • Starter Decks = random heroes.
  • So many cards and strategies it can boggle your brain!

  • World of Warcraft Rating: 5

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    Fave World of Warcraft Race?

    • Troll is da coolest mon!
    • Night elves rock!
    • Humans! At least they aren't freaks.
    • Undead! Braiiins!

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