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2008 NBA Draft Preview

Michael Beasley or Derrick Rose? That is the decision that the Chicago Bulls have to make as they hold the first pick in this Thursday's NBA Draft!

Draft Order

Despite missing the playoffs by four games, the Chicago Bulls beat the odds and landed the top pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. The Miami Heat, who had the worst record in the NBA, hold the second pick. The third pick belongs to the Minnesota Timberwolves, who struggled last year after trading away Kevin Garnett. The Seattle Supersonics, who are soon to be the Oklahoma City Sonics, have the fourth picks and will be looking for someone to compliment last year's Rookie of the Year, Kevin Durant. The Memphis Grizzlies hold the fifth pick, while the New York Knicks have the sixth pick. The World Champion Boston Celtics, will have the 30th and final pick of the first round.

Rose or Beasley?

The Chicago Bulls have a major dilemma on their hands. Do they select Derrick Rose, the explosive point guard from Memphis or do they get the super-versatile Michael Beasley from Kansas State? Both prospects have incredible potential, it is going to be a tough decision for the Bulls and an easy one for the Heat who have the second pick and will choose whichever of the two Chicago doesn't pick. Rose might have the early advantage because he is a native of Chicago.

Other Players To Watch

  • Joe Alexander - No player has moved up the draft board like Joe Alexander from West Virginia. His athleticism in workouts have wowed scouts and his versatility will allow him to contribute right away. Alexander can go as high as the fifth pick.
  • OJ Mayo - Outside of Rose and Beasley, Mayo might be the best future prospect. This ultra-skilled guard from USC combines strength and athleticism on the court. There is no way Mayo will slip past the fourth pick.
  • Danilo Gallinari - Because he plays in Italy many people aren't aware of the 20-year old sharp shooter. Word is the 6'9" small forward can score in every possible way. Gallinari can be picked as high as six, but can also slip to the middle of the first round.
  • Joey Dorsey - This Memphis big man is projected as a late first rounder or early second rounder, but he might be sleeper in this draft. He is an athletic big man with a lot of toughness to his game. He could possibly be next year's version of Jason Maxiell.
  • FYI

  • The Seattle Sonics will have a busy day on Thursday as they have a total of six picks - two first round and four second round picks.
  • It's going to be a happy day in the Lopez household on Draft night. Stanford 's 7-foot twins, Brooke and Robin Lopez are projected to both be first round picks.
  • The last time the Chicago Bulls had the first pick in the NBA Draft was 1999 when they selected Elton Brand of Duke University.

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    • OJ Mayo.
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