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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor :: Game Review

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor :: Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Aug 05, 2008
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

Jump into the movie action with The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor video game for DS, PS2 and Wii! Here’s our game review.

The new The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor movie hit theaters with a thousand years of undead warriors and ancient mysteries come to life. With Brendan Fraser and Jet Li rocking the action scenes with a pack of Yeti, it would be awesome to be in the middle of it all. And, with the video game for DS, PS2 and Wii, you can be! Here's a look at the game with Gary's review.

Diggin' Up the Dead!

The name of the game is action! You play as the heroes of the movie, running, jumping and shooting your way through the scenes and villains from the film across six levels. Swapping from Rick to Alex, you get three weapons and a pile of close attacks to knock out bad guys. Puzzles spice things up and bosses beat you senseless unless you've got your mad skills on.

Movie Stars

The film is packed with stars and they have a few things to say in the game too! As you play, one-liners start flying and it's a hoot. The puzzle levels are really nice too. They keep you on your toes and get your brain jumping as you try to keep from being turned into jam by tons of rock, ancient undead, or a giant dragon. Good luck with that.

Moldy Old Bones

The frustration starts when you realize you can't control the game camera - making it super hard to aim at enemies. There are also chunks of levels, plus some boss fights, that feel so cheap you'll want to throw your controller over the Great Wall of China. Plus, with only six levels, you'll be done digging this game pretty quick.

Do You Love Your Mummy?

If the movie grabs you, this is a great way to join the action and go kick undead butt from the comfort of your couch. Camera issues and frustrating gameplay keep it from being as awesome as the stars of the film, but you can still dig up a movie-sized chunk of fun with it.

Thumbs Up:

  • Yetis!
  • Lots of chatter from the movie actors.
  • Huge boss battles!
  • Cool puzzle levels.
  • Thumbs Down:

  • Some levels and bosses are way too hard.
  • Awkward levels that can randomly kill you.
  • Frustrating camera controls.
  • Only six levels = short game.
  • Game Rating: 3

    Available for: DS, PS2, Wii.

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