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Smash Court Tennis 3 Cheat Street

Atari brings you Smash Court Tennis 3 - the first game in the famous franchise to hit next-gen consoles this month! The popular tennis simulator allows you to create a tennis star and pit them against 16 of the world’s best on the clay courts, including: Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and most importantly Maria Sharapova! [/KWLINK] Cheat Street is here with the deets!

Check these out and don't forget to come back for all the game cheats, codes, secrets, hints, tips and walkthroughs to help you beat your fave games!

Boost Your Gamerscore!

To boost your Xbox Live Gamerscore, check out this list of ways to earn points.

All Lessons Complete
Complete all lessons.
Complete Challenger difficulty in Arcade Mode.
Complete Legend difficulty in Arcade Mode.
Local Player
Play 10 matches in Exhibition Mode.
Online Beginner
Win an online match.
Online Player - 20 Matches
Play 20 online matches.
Online Player - 5 Matches
Play 5 online matches.
Online Player - 50 Matches
Play 50 online matches.
Complete Pro difficulty in Arcade Mode.
Pro Tour - Doubles Rank 1
Rank 1st in the Pro Tour Mode Doubles Rankings.
Pro Tour - Event Competitor
Compete in an event in Pro Tour Mode.
Pro Tour - Mixed Doubles Rank 1
Rank 1st in the Pro Tour Mode Mixed Doubles Rankings.
Pro Tour - Partnership
Pair up with a Doubles/Mixed Doubles partner in Pro Tour Mode.
Pro Tour - Singles Rank 10
Enter the top 10 Singles Rankings in Pro Tour Mode.
Pro Tour - Singles Rank 100
Enter the top 100 Singles Rankings in Pro Tour Mode.
Pro Tour - Singles Rank 200
Enter the top 200 Singles Rankings in Pro Tour Mode.
Pro Tour - Sponsorship
Receive a sponsorship in Pro Tour Mode.
Pro Tour - World Champion
Win the Smashcourt World Championships in Pro Tour Mode.
Pro Tour Mode Completed
Rank 1st in the Annual Singles Rankings in Pro Tour Mode.
Return King
Obtain the Online Award, Return King.
Service King
Obtain the Online Award, Service King.
Volley King
Obtain the Online Award, Volley King.

That's it for Super Smash Court 3’s game cheats this week. Come back next week for even more game cheats when we celebrate the Olympics with more sports game coverage! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code or tips, and let him know!

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