LEGO Minifigure :: 30th Birthday!

30 years ago LEGO created a little plastic LEGO character and decided to call it a Minifigure. Today, on August 25, 2008, they're 30 years old and there are a bajillion different Minifigures to choose from! You can find everybody from Darth Vader to Indiana Jones, SpongeBob SquarePants, race car drivers and even anime-style mech pilots as one of these plastic figs. They aren't as big as Bionicles, but they still manage to be cool - even though they're almost as old as your parents.

LEGO Party Time!

To celebrate their birthday, the LEGO folks, put together a video and a website. Check it out below and don't forget your 3D glasses!

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    When Was LEGO Invented?

    • Sometime in the Stone Age.
    • 1916.
    • 1934.
    • 1957.

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