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Finding Rin Tin Tin DVD Review

Finding Rin Tin Tin DVD Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Sep 25, 2008
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

One of the best loved dogs in history, Rin Tin Tin, gets a new look—this time, he’s smaller and fluffier. Finding Rin Tin Tin goes back in time to when Rin Tin Tin was a just a puppy with a lot of adventures in his future!

One of the best loved dogs in history, Rin Tin Tin, gets a new look—this time, he’s smaller and fluffier. Finding Rin Tin Tin goes back in time to when he was a just a puppy with a lot of adventures in his future!

Puppy Love

It’s World War I in France, and a litter of German Shepherd puppies born in a small village are nearly killed when a bomb falls. When ace flyer Corporal Lee Duncan finds the mother dog and her puppies, he adopts them as part of his army division. Soon the dogs are a part of the soldier’s lives, but it’s little Rin Tin Tin that Corporal Duncan is the most attached to.

A Dog’s Life

Corporal Duncan and his friend Gaston are transferred, forcing the puppies and their mother to be separated and left to good homes. But Corporal Duncan refuses to give up Rin Tin Tin. At the train station, Rin Tin Tin stops a thief from stealing Corporal Duncan’s bag, which makes him suspect that Rin Tin Tin might be braver than he ever realized.

Man’s Best Friend

At first, the other soldiers aren’t sure about Rin Tin Tin, who keeps them awake and always wants to play. But when a German Prisoner of War, who also happens to be a dog trainer, shows up in camp, Rin Tin Tin becomes more than just Corporal Duncan’s best friend—he becomes a war hero!

DVD Features

None! It would have been cool to see how they trained Rin Tin Tin, or to get an idea of the history of the Rin Tin Tin story, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen here.

Bottom Line

Finding Rin Tin Tin is a lot of fun, and has a good message about helping your fellow man (or dog!) no matter what side they might be on. Rin Tin Tin was a heroic dog in movies in the 1920s and '30s, and revisiting his story from a different angle is a cool way to introduce him to a new generation of fans. If only there were more extras!


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