101 Dalmatians, 102 Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians II :: DVD Reviews

Disney DVD releases 101 Dalmatians on Blu-Ray September 16, 2008.
Courtesy of Disney
Disney DVD rereleases 101 Dalmatians II :: Patch's London Adventure on Blu-Ray September 16, 2008.
Courtesy of Disney
101 Dalmatians, 102 Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians II :: DVD Reviews - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Sep 15, 2008
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

101 dogs, three Disney Blu-Ray releases and a whole lotta spots! Kidzworld sniffs out a trio of 101 Dalmatians DVDs.

101 dogs, three Disney Blu-Ray releases and a whole lotta spots! Kidzworld sniffs out a trio of 101 Dalmatians DVDs.

101 Dalmatians

In this live action remake of the 1961 cartoon, Roger (a computer game creator) and Anita (a fashion designer) meet and fall in love—and so do their dogs, Pongo and Perdy. When Anita designs a coat inspired by her pooch, her boss, the menacing Cruella de Vil, decides that it needs to be made with real Dalmatian fur. When Anita and Roger refuse to sell Perdy’s litter of puppies to de Vil, she sends her henchmen to steal them. But it’s not so easy to steal puppies that have every animal in London on their side! But what will happen to the other 84 puppies Cruella stole, even if Perdy and Pongo’s do escape? Roger and Anita certainly don’t have room for 101 Dalmatians…at least not yet.

DVD Features

Nothing, aside from the trailer—just like a lot of other Disney Blu-Ray DVD releases. If they want us to buy the same movie again, shouldn’t they give us more of a reason to?

Bottom Line

The movie is still a lot of fun to watch, especially all those spots running around and the awesomely bad Glenn Close as Cruella, but the lack of extras gives this DVD a bit of a bad name.

Rating: 3

102 Dalmatians

A sequel to 101, this time we fast forward a bit (spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen 101!) to Cruella’s release from prison[/KWLINK]. She’s been hypnotized by Dr. Pavlov to not want fur coats, and for awhile it seems like she might just be turning into an animal lover. Gasp! But it doesn’t last long: When the bells of Big Ben sound, she snaps back to her old self. Meanwhile, one of Perdy and Pongo’s puppies, Dipstick, is all grown up and has kids of his own—including a spotless pup called Oddball. Now that Cruella is seeking to make the ultimate fur coat, those puppies better watch their backs!

DVD Features

There’s plenty to watch, puppy-wise—you can see how animal actors are trained, and even watch the puppy auditions. There’s also a great featurette on how to pick the dog that’s right for your personality, and some very funny outtakes.

Bottom Line

If you’re into the Dalmatian universe, this movie will just make you love it even more. And watching a whole bunch of puppies playing is pretty much the best thing ever. Watch it to cheer up on a rainy day.

Rating: 4

101 Dalmatians II :: Patch’s London Adventure Special Edition DVD

A sequel to the original Disney animated film, Patch’s London Adventure happens right after the first movie (even though this sequel came out 42 years after the first film). Roger and Anita are set to move the whole brood out to a Dalmatian Plantation in the countryside, but the adventurous Patch isn’t excited—he is tired of being one among very many and wants to stand apart from his 98 brothers and sisters. Patch hears about an audition for his favorite TV show, Thunderbolt, which stars a heroic German Shepherd. Seeing his chance to stand out, Patch runs away to audition. But with Cruella still looking for puppies, and the rest of the family headed out of London, Patch might be more alone than he ever intended to be.

DVD Extras

There are a few cool games to play, and a behind the scenes “dog-umentary,” as well as a look at the Thunderbolt TV show that Patch loves.

Bottom Line

It’s cool to see the adventure of one puppy amongst so many, and the Thunderbolt character is an awesome addition—he’s a doggy action hero to the extreme! Maybe Disney’s new movie, Bolt, is based on him…

Rating: 4

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