Code Master: Secret Agent! Book Review

Carmen and Juni have nothing on you!
Courtesy of Raincoast Books.
Code Master: Secret Agent! Book Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 2 Star Rating)

Tired of watching Carmen and Juni have all the Spy Kids fun? Think you've got what it takes to give evil a good swift kick? Then check out the brain teasy Code Master: Secret Agent!

Author: David Seidman
Illustrated by: The Dynamic Duo Studio

Tired of watching Carmen and Juni have all the Spy Kids fun? Think you've got what it takes to give evil a good swift kick? Then check out the brain teasy Code Master: Secret Agent!

To defeat the nasty Nastonian spies you must uncover hidden clues to open your official secret agent safe. Once you've cracked the code you'll be sent on a series of spy guy missions. With the help of an elite group of super spies you'll track international baddies and move up the ranks in the organization.

Let me get this straight. A 32-page clue book, a 48-page spy manual, math-like numbery stuff. All that's missing are the smell of cafeteria lunch and the shrill shriek of chalk on the blackboard. Espionage is so much more fun in the movies!

Code Master: Secret Agent! Rating: 2

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