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FusionFall: Cartoon Network Universe :: PC Game Review

FusionFall: Cartoon Network Universe :: PC Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jan 19, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

Aimed at kids (and adults, too), the Cartoon Network’s new interactive multiplayer online game FusionFall features a vibrant, colorful world full of all your favorite cartoon characters. Basically, playing it feels like you’re in an extensive, interac

Aimed at kids (and adults, too), the Cartoon Network’s new interactive multiplayer online game FusionFall features a vibrant, colorful world full of all your favorite cartoon characters. Basically, playing it feels like you’re in an extensive, interactive cartoon show.

Evil Lord Fuse

The FusionFall story revolves around the evil Lord Fuse who travels throughout the galaxy converting planets into slime-coated wastelands. When Lord Fuse eventually reaches Earth, an army of Cartoon Network characters joins forces to stop him. Your character is enlisted by Dexter (of Dexter’s Laboratory) to help in the fight against Fuse.

Characters Galore

FusionFall includes characters from several shows you can currently see on the Cartoon Network, including The Kids Next Door, the Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog and Jack and Aku from Samurai Jack. The characters in the game show up in “Nanos” to provide you with special powers and abilities. These Nanos are an essential part of the game, so it’s important you go out and enjoy your Nano collection as you play.

Online Excitement

As an online player of FusionFall, you’ll also be able to create an avatar for yourself, which will represent your identity in the game. You can customize your avatar to suit your own, personal style and personality.

And don’t worry about feeling like a novice when you first start playing this online game. FusionFall comes with a really great, instructive tutorial that covers all the basics of movement, combat and user interface, and also takes some time to introduce you and other new players to the situation or storyline of the game.


The graphics in FusionFall are pretty impressive, too. The colors are bold and bright, and the avatars and creatures in the game are drawn comic book-style, while the actual game world itself looks a little more realistic, which makes view distance and weapon and ability effects amazing.

So, after you create your avatar and spend a little time getting used to the game world, the action starts. FusionFall features a wide variety of engaging guests and characters. While the combat is easy at first (point and shoot), you eventually do have to start using your Nanos, as mentioned above, to beat the harder monsters. One major game element of FusionFall is jumping – lots of the games and mini quests are based on jumping through puzzle-type environments.

In terms of travel, there are several forms in FusionFall, including walking, jump pads, zip lines, teleports, flying monkeys and shuttles. You have to watch out for any ground or surface that is covered in the evil Lord Fuse’s deadly green slime.

If you end up dying in battle or combat, you have to go back to a rez station in the zone you died in to fuel up again and come back to life. There’s no death penalty in FusionFall, which makes the game a lot longer and way more fun.

Victory Pack from Majesco

The Victory Pack from Majesco is the retail version of FusionFall that comes loaded with extras, including a four-month subscription to the online game, an in-depth game guide with details of all "Nanos," monsters and adventure paths and codes for two exclusive outfit and weapon sets that are only available in the Victory Pack.

FusionFall costs only $5.95 a month to play, and it even features a free, fun Future Zone for all players. Make sure you check it out!

FusionFall Rating: 5

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