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Line Rider 2: Unbound :: DS Game Review

Line Rider 2: Unbound :: DS Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 05, 2008
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

Sledding down a mountain was safe and practical, until now. Wait until you see the top of the mountain and start your descent downwards! Kidzworld has all the goodies on this fast-action downhill game!

Sledding down a mountain was safe and practical, until now. Wait until you see the top of the mountain and start your descent downwards! Based on an old flash game that was super popular, Genius Products has brought the story of a little sledder with attitude to the Nintendo DS.

Draw Away

Once you hit the slopes be prepared for tons of obstacles that threaten to throw you out of bounds. Watch out for holes that you must jump courageously over. You never know if you will be doing back flips, speeding up a hill, or having to add a slow down line to stop from falling off the cliff. No matter the obstacle you're the one in control of the lines.

Design and Challenge

Think that you have what it takes to challenge your friends to a battle of skill on the mountain? You can design and build your own puzzles and watch with excitement to see who will fall off your track! With Nintendo's DS Download Play, you can transfer your tracks back and forth for never ending fun.

Coin Drama

With tons of cool features, excitement galore and tricks coming out of your ears, you’d think it would be easy to pass a level. Some of obstacles and hills make it a little hard to get all of the mandatory coins required, so it can be a little frustrating. If you’re feeling frustrated, don’t throw the DS out the window! Take a minute or two to calm down and try again, you’ll pass the level in no time at all!

Fun with Lines

Don't forget to eat dinner! This game is crazy addictive with tons of different challenges to play. If you love solving puzzles and watching a crazy sledder, go down a hill with flips and loops, then you definitely need to play this game!

Game Rating: 4

Price: $29.99

ESRB Rating: E for Everyone

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