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Hudson Soft’s summer release of Help Wanted is oddly appropriate considering how many people will be looking for summer jobs[KWLINK]. However, while most people will be working to earn a little personal spending cash, the characters in Help Wanted have a more [KWLINK 2066]noble cause, namely saving the world.

Save the World, One Job At a Time

A meteor is threatening to make the entire planet extinct and it is up to the player to earn enough money to buy defensive items that will delay and, ultimately, save Earth.

None of these jobs can be considered boring. Rather, they are quite wacky and interesting! There are jobs like Airplane Cleaner, Body Builder, Astronaut, Boat Captain, Sumo Referee, Crane Operator, and Fireman among many, many others!

Mini-games Galore

In order to complete the jobs, you must play different mini-games. For example, if you were working as a part of a Haunted House Crew, you would need to change your costumes quickly and then move to the secret rotating door in time to scare visitors. If you are wearing the correct costume, you will earn more money. But if you take too long to get to the rotating door, you might miss your victim.

Every mini-game offer harder difficulties where the game becomes faster and more demanding. Choose from Normal, Hard, and Expert.

More Jobs than you can Waggle a Wiimote At

With 50 different jobs to work at, you are sure to never be bored. Do note that, for some jobs, you will need to have the Nunchuk attachment. Some of the jobs are harder to do than others, mostly because the Wii motion controls are still not perfect. However, if you practice enough, you will find that sweet spot. And once you do, you can challenge your friends at one of 15 jobs in multiplayer mode.

Don’t Forget to Reward Yourself!

When you are not so busy saving the world, Help Wanted has some features that can help you relax. Earn some crazy items for your collector’s room and show them off to your friends. You can even use some of that money you earned to buy them, it doesn’t all have to go towards saving the world!

Help Wanted is great, silly fun. Look forward to this fun release this summer!

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