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Landon Donovan Biography

Landon Donovan Biography - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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Check out Kidzworlds biography on striker Landon Donovan! His lethal scoring touch has helped the US soccer team advance to the quarterfinals at the FIFA 2002 World Cup of soccer in Korea and Japan.

Landon Donovan's quickness and lethal scoring ability have made him one of the biggest stars in Major League Soccer. Kidzworld checks out the soccer sensation who'll be trying to take the San Jose Earthquakes to another MLS Cup title.

Landon Donovan - Starting Out

Landon Donovan was born March 4, 1982 in Ontario, California. Donovan's parents divorced when he was two and he was raised by his mom in Redlands, California. Donovan started playing soccer when he was five. In his first game, he scored 7 goals and his journey to soccer stardom had begun. Donovan was a star in the California youth soccer leagues and in 1997 at the age of 15, he was accepted into the US Olympic Development Program.

Landon Donovan - Turning Pro

As a teenageer, Landon Donovan was already turning heads in the soccer world with his great scoring touch and killer instincts. Some people said he could be the greatest American soccer player ever, while others called him the "next Michael Owen." At the age of 17, he signed with Bayer Leverkusenrned of the German League and moved to Germany to start his professional career.

Landon Donovan - Soccer Superstar

In 2001, Landon Donovan left Germany and joined the San Jose Earthquakes of the MLS and made an instant impact. In his first year in MLS, Donovan was named MVP of the league's All-Star Game and helped the 'Quakes win the 2001 MLS Cup. Landon Donovan would make an even bigger name for himself at the 2002 World Cup of Soccer. Landon started every game for the United States during the tournament, scored two goals and led the US to a surprise appearance in the World Cup quarterfinals. Landon Donovan continues to be one of America's biggest soccer superstars. His natural skills and sweet scoring touch have made him a force both in the MLS and on the world stage. Donovan led the San Jose Earthquakes to a second MLS Cup title in 2003 and will be trying to do the same in 2004.

Landon Donovan - Did U Know?

  • Landon Donovan speaks English, German and Spanish.

  • He has a twin sister named Tristan.

  • Landon Donovan's first job was as a paperboy.

1 Landon Donovan is the hottest person alive. He is an awesome soccer player and is my fav number 21! I do play soccer. I am 15 and play with 20 year olds! I have a twin sister name Treasea! EVERYONE LUV LANDON!
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: landonsgurl1921
Age: 15

1 Oh my god! Landon Donovan is the best soccer player in the world. Not to mention he is the best lookin' player. Wait, he's the best looking PERSON in the world. I'm his biggest fan. I will do anything to meet him or just to see him live in person. Landon, I'm coming for you baby! I LUV LANDON DONOVAN!

Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: landon_luver_10
Age: 15

1 Landon DOnovan is extremely talented and is definitely a true Californian! I am from San Francisco and just went to one of his games and met him (I gave him Jelly Bellys because those are his fave!) and he is incredible! I'm not a Landon groupie...I just think he is the most talented and amazing person out there.
Kidz Submit By:
Nickname: SoCalCHic882
Age: 14

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