FIFA Soccer 2004: Free PC Game Demo

If ya dig kickin' the ball around, but want to skip all the cold, rain and psycho soccer parents then you should check out the FIFA Soccer 2004 video game from Electronic Arts (EA). Before you drop your bling bling on the game though, snag the free PC game demo and take it for a spin so you can see what EA has put together. We have the 411 on how to download the demo, right here.

FIFA Soccer 2004 Video Game Basics

It's a soccer game so everybody knows what that's all about. FIFA Soccer 2004 turns it up a notch by giving you serious control in a totally immersive game. You can control any player at any time and, if they're doing their own thing, the players have such realistic AI that it's like the star player is actually there. You can also manage the team, hire new players and play through the ranks.

How to Download the FIFA Soccer 2004 Game Demo

The first thing you have to do is some warm-up exercises to get your blood pumping - try runnin' laps around your house for five minutes. Then check out these instructions:
  • 1. Click Here to head to the FIFA Soccer 2004 game download page.
  • 2. At the top you'll see a "Download the Demo >>" link - click it.
  • 3. A popup will come up that gives you all sorts of info about the demo and warns you that if anything goes screwy, EA's not going to fix it for you.
  • 4. Click 'OK' and you'll start to download the game demo - it's 90MB so it'll take a while. Save it to your desktop so you can find it later.
  • 5. Go run a few more laps to keep yourself warmed up and ready to kick butt. Do ya feel the burn yet?
  • 6. Once the file has downloaded, double-click it to unzip it. Make sure you unzip it into a folder.
  • 7. Go into the folder with the unzipped game demo and click on the "Setup.exe" file to begin the install.
  • 8. Once FIFA Soccer 2004 has installed - go kick some butt!

    If you dig the game, check out EA's official site for it where you can get the 411 on the full version of the game for the PC, Xbox, Playstation, Playstation 2, Gamecube and even Gameboy.

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