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Where The Wild Things Are Xbox 360 Giveaway

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Where the Wild Things Are is a fun-filled adventure that takes players on a journey through the mysterious island of the Wild Things. Players assume the role of Max, “King of All Wild Things,” as they team up with the fearsome but loveable creatures. While journeying across their island, players learn amazing new skills and abilities. Solve action puzzles, overcome challenging obstacles, and play through a unique story narrative to uncover the mystery behind the hostile island and save the Wild Things before it’s too late!

Here’s your chance to experience the imaginary adventure of Max as never before - enter for a chance to win a custom Where the Wild Things Are Xbox 360 Entertainment system and a copy of Where the Wild Things Are – for the Xbox 360, compliments of Kidzworld!

Click Here for a Chance to Win!

Where the Wild Things Are -- The Video Game for the Xbox 360 is in stores October 13th!