Scary Stories I

This Halloween story tells tales of spooky ghosts, haunted houses and magic pumpkins. Invite the spirit of Halloween into your home and bewitch your friends and family with this scary tale!

Tell this story in a darkened room, passing around these props at the appropriate spots in the story:

  • Peeled Grapes: Eyeballs
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs With Sauce: Worms, guts, blood
  • Rubber Latex Glove Filled With Water & Frozen: Dead hand
  • Can Of Wet Dog Or Cat Food: Just plain gross and smelly
  • Dry Chicken Bones: Skeleton fingers

The Old Johnson Place

It was a warm Halloween night. Five boys hurriedly put on their Halloween costumes while chattering away with delight in anticipation of one of their favorite holidays. There will be friends, filled with giggles and smiles, and parents holding on tight to little hands. Uncertain tots approaching neighbors doors will eagerly hold out their bags and nervously say, "trick-or-treat" for the first time.

These five boys, were far from tots...Logan, Kyle, Skyler, Colby and Conner were all eight, and couldn't wait for the festivities of the evening, to begin. Tonight they would trick-or-treat to their hearts' content, raking in the goodies. Then they would all go back to Logan's home. His mom and dad would inspect their goods. Then they would gobble up their candy, with a tall glass of milk by their sides, and a bowl of freshly made carmel popcorn in the middle of their loot.

The boy's parents had decided it was alright for the boys to trick-or-treat on three well known streets in their friendly neighborhood, without their parents standing by their sides. They would leave at 7:00PM and were expected to be back promptly at 8:00.

Logan was dressed as Dracula with a long flowing black cape, lined with red satin. Kyle donned a Larry Boy outfit, Skyler wore his Spiderman suit, Colby transformed into Wolverine from the X-Men and Conner became Batman. The clock struck 7, as the boys whooped with loud hollers and shouts and headed out the door. Logan's parents stood in the doorway, watching the kids run down the street. Little did the boys know, Logan's dad would not be far behind them. After all, these were five, mischievous eight year olds on the loose. Somebody had to be nearby to protect the neighbors.

Just before the boys turned onto Angela street they eagerly approached the first door of many they would knock on that night. Crashing into each other, as they made their way up the walk, they knocked on the door and waited. Little old Mrs. Jenkins hobbled to the door with a big grin on her sweet, weathered, face.

"Good Evening boys", she said as she generously scooped candy into their bags.

The boys replied, "Good Evening Mrs. Jenkins" in their sing-song, eight year old, voices. Followed by, "Thank you Mrs. Jenkins".

"Happy Halloween", she shouted as the boys scurried down her walk and turned out of sight.

Up the street they went, back down the other side, over onto Hideaway Place, and then finally Story Lane. The boys looked at their watches, right on time. Mom and dad will be so proud! Then, all of a sudden, a gust of wind kicked up causing all five boys to shiver a bit. Only three houses left and they would be on their way back to Logan's. It was pretty dark outside, but the street was well lit, and they could see lots of other children and parents walking about. Next they would knock on the Butcherites door, then the Klefbecks, and then the Wells.

There was another house on that street too. It wasn't like the others, well kept with a manicured lawn and cute Halloween decorations outside. It was the Johnson place. The door looked like it was ready to fall off, and the whole house was sorely in need of some paint. It was legend that the house was haunted, but the boys didn't believe in that spooky stuff. They did, however, agree that old Mr. Johnson, who lived in the place, was as mean as they came. Mr. Johnson was known for grumping and grouching at anyone that looked twice at him. Someone once said he ate worm sandwiches for lunch and frog legs for dinner. YUCK! That's one door they wouldn't be knocking on tonight.

The wind kicked up again, this time it took Conner's mask with it. The boys ran after the mask as it skidded across the sidewalk, tumbled over the bushes, and floated through the air. Before they knew it, they were standing in the yard of the old Johnson Place. Conner's mask had become stuck on a nail that protruded from the window frame and was dangling, limply, there.

The boys were all thinking the same thing, but no one said it, 'who was going to walk up there and get it'?

Finally, Skyler spoke up, "Conner you better go get your mask".

"I don't really need it", Conner replied in his most grown up voice.

Kyle whispered, "Why don't we all go get it together"?

The boys looked at the mask, then at each other. "Let's do it", they all said, in unison, and began to slowly move toward the porch.

The boys could see a dim light, from a distant room, within the house. They were at ease with the thought Mr. Johnson was probably in bed for the night. Upon approaching the window frame, Conner plucked the mask from off the nail. All five boys let out a sigh of relief at having accomplished their task.

Suddenly, the light inside the house flickered and went out. A long, whiny, squeaking sound, to their right, drew their attention to the front door, blown open and now flapping in the wind. Their hearts were racing and their feet felt heavy, as if they were stuck in cement. From inside the house they could here someone moaning, almost as if they were in pain.

"Do you think it's Mr. Johnson", said Skyler.

"What should we do"?, croaked Conner. "Mean as they say he is, we can't just let him suffer."

"We'll just all stick together and we'll be okay, after all there's five of us", said Logan.

Quietly the boys slipped in though the door.

Colby called out, "Mr. Johnson, can we help you"?

Kyle tried the light switch but it didn't work. He stepped in something mushy, that let off a horrible stench.

"Smells like someone died".

The boys felt their way around, grabbing on to furniture and walls as they groped about and called out to Mr. Johnson. SPLAT!


"What is it"?

"I don't know feels like worms"

"Hey, you think the thing about the worm sandwiches is true"? asked Conner.

"Let's just find Mr. Johnson and get out of here, everybody stay focused", said Skyler.

Just then Skyler stepped on something. He leaned over and picked it up. It was cold as ice, upon feeling around, it seemed to have a thumb and four fingers, but no arm...

"YIKES" choked out Skyler, "I think I'm holding onto someone's hand but there's no arm... this is getting freaky!"

A second later, Colby blurted out, "It feels like I picked up someone's eyeballs but I dropped them and they're rolling around on the floor. Let's get out of here"!

As he turned a tray clattered to the floor and the sounds of plink, plink, plink echoed through the house. Scrambling to pick up what was beneath him, he was just sure they were bones, probably belonged to some poor, helpful, unsuspecting soul. 'Would they be next'?

As the boys turned to run Logan slipped on something wet, he strained to peer through the darkness, there was blood on his pants and now on his hands.

"AHHHHH, blood", he screamed and dove for the door. Just then the lights came on, the boys froze, and there in the doorway was Logan's dad.

"What are you boys doing"? The boys all tried to talk at once, each one breathing heavily, gulping down air, with every word they tried desperately to get out.

In the background, they heard laughing. It started out small, like a hee, hee, hee, then got bigger like a HA, HA, HA, then it was all out laughing hysteria! Who could be laughing at a time like this? The boys turned and there was Mr. Johnson laughing his guts out! His house was a shambles with all the running and diving that had just taken place and there was stuff all over the floor. The boys began to point and jump around excitedly until they realized just what was all over the floor. Spaghetti! Meatballs! Peeled grapes! A rubber latex glove filled with ice, now lay melting in the middle of the hardwood floor.

The boys looked at Mr. Johnson, they looked at each other, then they looked at Logan's dad, who was also laughing. As they put it all together, they realized what had happened. In the few minutes they were in the Johnson place they had completely destroyed Mr. Johnson's dinner. They also noted that Mr. Johnson was walking with a cane.

He pointed to his knee and amid his laughter squealed out, "the frozen glove's for my bum knee, hurt it yesterday trying to fix the door".

"But the moaning", cried Skyler, "we heard someone moaning".

"That would be Fritz, my dog, he just hate's it when I chain him up, especially when he knows there's a can of wet dog food with his name on it".

There smeared across the hardwood floor, near the door, was the wet dog food.

"Why do you peel your grapes", asked Colby.

"Never did like the way the skins would get caught in my dentures", replied Mr. Johnson, still laughing.

"But what about the blood?", cried Logan.

"You mean the spaghetti sauce that was sitting in that bowl"?

Logan looked over and saw the bowl, half full of sauce, lying upside down on the floor oozing out everywhere.

One thing nagged at Logan 'till he just couldn't help but ask, "Why didn't you come when we called"?

"When the lights went out, I had to go down to the basement to flip the switch, takes me awhile to get around with the knee. While I was down there I heard a bunch of stuff falling over, muffled voices, thought it was a robber, but by the time I got up the stairs and saw all of you, and your dad there, I started putting it all together, you think I don't know that my house is legend to be 'haunted'"?

Speechless, the boys stared at Mr. Johnson, until Logan said, "Gee, we're sorry Mr. Johnson, we thought you were hurt and we wanted to help you".

"That was awfully kind of you boys".

"You know though", said Logan's dad, "You should have come and got me, you know better than to enter a house alone, what if something had been amiss"?

"We've learned our lesson dad, we promise."

"Yeah, scouts honor", the boys proclaimed. "Well let's help Mr. Johnson clean up".

After all was clean the boys invited Mr. Johnson to come back to their house and share in the festivities. That weekend the boys and their parents, got the neighborhood together to help Mr. Johnson with the repairs around his house. Some of the fathers and sons painted the outside of the house while others saw to the yard. There were cookies and milk after all was done.

Every year, thereafter, the boys would end their trick-or-treating at Mr. Johnson's place. Then he'd walk them home and tell ghost stories while they dug into their candy and hung on his every word. All because of one Halloween night.

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Halloween stories tell tales of spooky ghosts, haunted houses and magic pumpkins. Invite the spir...
Halloween stories tell tales of spooky ghosts, haunted houses and magic pumpkins. Invite the spir...
Halloween stories tell tales of spooky ghosts, haunted houses and magic pumpkins. Invite the spir...

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(So i just started this story today and i spent a good amount of time on it. Here it is and it's long. It's bad too. Forgive me.)             I am a woman. Some call me a little girl. But I am 15 years of age. I have survived my whole life down in the tank with no family other than the other woman that accompanies me. I don’t know where they are. I only know that my mother is dead. That she killed herself. Because she couldn’t stand the tank, a place with rust growing on the steel metal walls, a place where the only comfort you get is in #### #### on the cold metal floor. A place where my mother had died, a place I call home. It’s where all the woman of the United States lives now. The president declared a new law that woman where of no use except for reproduction, just when I was a baby.         They usually killed the child if it was a girl. But a few are chosen to live in the tank for the circumstances needed. My mother said she would never love another man other than my father. The day they killed him right in front of her was the day she joined him in heaven. I don’t know where my brothers are, probably living the luxury of being a man. Which is very unfair but, I hope their okay. Now my family is Shira and Gretna. Shira is my age and she is practically my sister. Gretna is the oldest woman in the tank and everybody respects her. Some call her big mama. She sure was big but, I prefer to call her Gretna. She was beautiful though. He dark skin made her eyes look dazzling. I’m pretty sure before all her hair got cut of it was long and curly. Everyone’s hair was cut off in the tank. Mine was at its fullest peek. My bangs grew in and it flowed down from their into a short v at my neck. Was it a Pixie cut they used to call it? Everyone’s hair got shaved every four years. Shiras hair grew fast and it stopped at her chin in a short line. It was a pale blond, almost white.          Every morning I wake up I start to hum a melody. My mother had sung a song to me at night. Now I sing it in the morning. Everyone else joins in to after the first verse Hear the birds crow, feel the sun rays, watch the trees grow, sing on rainy days. Then soon as I walk out of my cell everyone starts humming and some sing alone with me. It’s a ritual for my mother. When I first started singing it everyone was afraid they would get whipped or beaten. But the guards didn’t seem to mind. In fact, I’m willing to bet they enjoy it. The second verse is even prettier See the blue skies, feel the breeze, watch the leaves fly, sing the melody. I always sing it to myself at night, alone. It makes feel better like I might, just might, go above ground and see the world. Look at the stars, and close your eyes, imagine you will go far, and sing good night. That was the end of the song and by the time it ends everybody is eating.        They barley give us enough food. It’s a pain to see the parents giving up their food to the children. Sometimes I give food from mine to the small children and the elderly. Today it was just beans and bread. I gave my bread to Gretna, she looked like she needed it. “Honey, you really didn’t have to. I should be giving you my food.” I shook my head upset by the idea of that. “Gretna, honestly you need it. If you passed away I don’t know what I would do. Nobody would know what to do.” Her face softened and that sweet smile of hers formed onto her face. “Mira, I’m an old woman. I can’t do anything really. I’m useless. What do you need me for?” Just as I was about to answer a plate plopped down next to me. Shira sat down a frown plastered on her face. “That’s what all the men are saying is. Their opinion is bias, wrong, despicable, stupid, and irrational, so therefore saying. We defiantly need you big mama.” Gretna grinned and said “You girls are too sweet to me.”       After breakfast we all move towards the work area. We all just clean dishes, wash clothes, mop floors. Men thought this is what woman should do. It completely broke my heart. There were smart intelligent woman here. All of them had a good heart. Not one complaint. I’m not saying all men are bad. There are defiantly good ones. But it’s just the council. I don’t know why they think that this is okay. All of this is not okay. Nothing is. My job is mainly clean dishes. Sometimes I help Allie and Wanda with their washing. They aren’t strong enough to carry their load. The guards don’t mind. After the huge switch, the new guards are much nicer. It’s been more peaceful. As I finish washing my last dish I scan the room looking at all the others. It’s weird when I spot a guard staring at me. He looked away quickly and I frowned. I walked over to Shira and whispered in her ear “Creepy guard was staring at me. Can you come with me to get more dishes?” Shira knew that this was important. I saw it in her eyes. Before the switch of guards some had taken advantage of the woman here. Hearing about it made me terrified for the weaker ones, also for me. Shira put her mop in a corner and we started making our way toward the eating area. The walls where dark brown and covered in dust. There where railings along the walk way so we wouldn’t fall.            The work room was high above the eating area and a thin staircase descended down. The eating area was right in the middle. All the cell’s squared around it and it kept going like that upward. Me and Shira went toward the dirty dish table and picked up a few. “Thank you.” I said to her. The load looked heavy. She gave me a smile. As I turned around the guard staring at me earlier was right there. My eyes went wide and I stared back. Shira saw and she stared at the guard eye’s narrowed. He looked young, maybe 18. His hair was a light brown color and he had a strong build. He had a scar across his cheek and you could see his mussels poking out of his uniform.  He could defiantly hurt me. “Please. Don’t come any closer.” I said still staring. “I won’t.” his voice was low and clear. He could be as loud as he wanted and you could still hear him through the whole tank. “What do you want…sir” Shira said. It seemed like it was a pain for her to add in sir. It was for me too. “Please, call me Austin. I…I just wanted to check on you girls.” He looked at me and his stare softened “Your name is Mira, right?” I blinked a bit shocked. The guards never took any time to remember our name. They mostly called us you or Tyrant. I gulped down my nerves and said “Yes.” Clearly. Austin looked close to tears and asked “And your mother?”          I froze. “She’s dead.” I said as quick as I could. I was surprised that barely escaped my mouth. His face dropped and a frown replaced his smile. “Mira. I’m….I’m sorry to hear that.” I narrowed my eyes confused. “It’s alright. Why are you asking me these questions?” He paused. He blinked, then finally said “Just curious.”  I  looked over at Shira and she was just as curious as I was. “We should go.” Shira said and I nodded. I gave Austin a small smile as we walked past him and he smiled back. Once we were up the stairs and out of eye shot Shira stared at me. “Do you know who he is?” I gave a simple shake of the head. Shira looked ahead her eyes narrowed. “We should ask big mama.” I smiled and said “Yes. Good idea.” I looked at Shira and saw the sly smile on her face. “Although, He was cute.” I laughed at her and said “You think every guard here is cute.” Shira smiled too and said “Is that a bad thing? Being surround by tons of handsome young men? I mean at our age we could devour them up.” I almost smacked her on the arm, but I realized I had a big thing of dishes in my arms. Once we arrived at the work area I put my dishes at my sink and rushes up to Gretna. Shira followed knowing what I was thinking. “Gretna.” I said. She turned from her laundry mode and looked at us. “Where have you been? Now you got twice the work held out for ya!”         I wrinkled my nose knowing she was right and said “Fine. I’ll tell you about it in the showers.” Gretna raised an eyebrow and said “I hope I don’t see a dead body with the way you two look.” Shira laughed and I joined in.                                                                   *****         “So, he just asked you a bunch of questions?” Gretna said with a towel around her. Me and Shira just finished and we were in the clothes that were just washed from work hour. Shira nodded vigorously. “It was weird.” “He asked about my mom too.” I piped in. Gretna cocked her head back staring at us. “He seemed sad when I told him she was dead.” I said adding on. “Ignore it.” Gretna said quickly. I looked at her like she had two heads “Why?” Shira looked confused as well. This was not Gretna. “Nothing comes good with guards asking questions. Now go, let me shower in peace.” I looked at her hurt. Why wouldn’t she help me on this one? Why was she so dismissive? I heaved in a breath and left. The hot air was getting sticky on my clothes. I was not going to ignore it. I wanted to know, I needed to know.       I peeked outside looking for Austin. I couldn’t see his brown hair anywhere. So I walked out and rounded the corner. I heard a voice that was surely his, loud and deep. “Jason. It’s true. She’s dead.” Jason? Who’s Jason? “No. I…this is…” I'm assuming Jason was talking now. “Awful?” Austin finished. I didn’t understand. Were they talking about my mother? I was pretty sure they were. When I leaned over closer I felt a jab at my collar and I was tripped back. “What is wrong with you child! I told you to ignore it!” The two soldiers rounded the corner with their hands at their holsters. Their step was in union. They looked angry that someone was listening in on their conversation. Of course they were. Once they saw Gretna they calmed and looked at me. Austin sucked in a breath and Jason offered a hand to help me up. But so did Gretna. With how cross I was I got up on my own staring at them.            Gretna interfered and said “Sorry about that gentleman. I’ll take care of her and teach her…” She grabbed my arm and said right in my ear firm and scary “that it’s not polite to snoop.” A snap reaction made me do something I thought I would never do “Tell that to Austin.” I said my voice fowl. I expected a swat at the face or a firm yelling. But Austin replied “Sorry.” He looked at Gretna with a pleading look. All she did was shake her head. I threw my arm out of Gretna hold and gave all of them a look. I started to walk away and I saw that Jason kid was in tears.    (That's it! I'm still working on it.)
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