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Scary Stories III

This Halloween story tells tales of spooky ghosts, haunted houses and magic pumpkins. Invite the spirit of Halloween into your home and bewitch your friends and family with this scary tale!

Terror Tunnel

"No way," Rachael said. "You guys go. I'll wait out here." She put her hand on the sun-heated railing outside the Tunnel of Terror ride.

"Come on," Penny said. "It'll be fun. And we already went on the rides that you wanted."

"Yeah," Trish said, rubbing her shoulder. "We did the bumper cars twice, just because you wanted to. I don't even like them. Come on."

"It can't be that scary," Penny said.

Rachael looked at the ride. The whole thing was indoors. But it was the middle of the day. The sun was high. She figured there would be some cracks of light seeping in. And she could always close her eyes. She took a deep breath. Then, as the air flowed from her lungs, she managed to say, "Okay."

"Super." Penny rushed around the railing.

"Great." Trish grabbed Rachael's arm and ran toward the entrance.

"Is it scary?" Rachael asked as she gave her ticket to the old man who was sitting on a stool at the entrance.

The man shrugged. "That's up to you." He dropped her ticket in a plastic bucket. "But we always give you what you pay for."

Before Rachael could ask what he meant, she was herded inside by her friends. In the dark, she could barely see the cars as they came along the track. As the first car stopped, Penny and Trish jumped in. Rachael rushed forward, but there was no room.

"Hey!" she called, but the car was rolling. Rachael jumped into the next one and pulled down the safety bar. She didn't want to get too far separated from her friends. "It won't be bad," she said, speaking aloud to bolster her courage. "It's just going to be some mechanical monsters or some stuff painted on the walls. Maybe some dummies with fake blood."

The car moved toward a pair of wooden doors. In the dim light, Rachael could see the brush strokes in the flat black paint. Ahead, Penny and Trish's car pushed open the door, then vanished inside. Here goes, Rachael thought as her own car reached the door and pushed it open with a dull thud. As the doors slammed shut behind her, Rachael entered a darkness so deep it was as if the world had never known such a thing as vision. The dark interior was beyond blackness, a cave within a cave wrapped in a shroud of velvet.

Only the jostling of the car let Rachael know she was moving. "Penny?" She called out, listening for the sound of another car or the giggles of her friends. "Trish?" Her words seemed unable to travel beyond the darkness. She heard no answer. The car spun suddenly, turning sharply to the left and shooting forward. Rachael screamed as she found herself face to face with a grinning skull. The jaws of the skull opened wide, then snapped shut. Rachael grabbed the safety bar to keep from leaping out of her seat.

Before her scream ended, the car spun away, leaving the image burned in her vision as the blackness returned. Get a grip, she told herself. It's make believe. She felt foolish for screaming. All she'd seen was a piece of plastic shaped like bone. Nothing real. No true terrors. The car lurched again. A man rose up with an ax in his hands. The scream burst from Rachael's lungs. The car spun back into blackness, then shot almost instantly toward another chamber where a hand thrust up from the ground in front of a tombstone. Rachael forced her eyes shut. She gripped the bar with both hands and thought about running from the car. Even in her panic, she understood that this would be too dangerous.

"I'll wait," she said. She knew she could get through with her eyes closed. The car lurched. Through shut lids Rachael sensed a brief flash of brightness. She pulled one hand from the bar and covered her eyes, trying to screen out even the faintest hint of what lay in front of her. Something brushed her face. String, she thought. That's all it was. Dangling pieces of string. Another lurch... Leading to another flash. And another. Soon, Rachael thought. Not much longer. It was a cheap ride in a cheap amusement park. There was no way the ride would last much longer. It didn't.

A few more lurches and she felt a bump as the car pushed through another pair of swinging doors. Rachael quickly dropped her hand and opened her eyes. The car was back at the start of the ride. She stumbled off and went through the door marked with the EXIT sign. Bright light made her blink.

"Cool," Penny said.

"Kinda cheesy," Trish said. She looked at Rachael. "Well?"

Rachael shrugged. "It was okay." As she walked along the railing, the ticket man smiled at her. Then he closed both eyes tight for an instant. Rachael turned away from him. He knows, she thought. But he couldn't. And even if he did, so what?

"Come on," Rachael said, tapping Penny on the shoulder, "how about the bumper cars again? What do you --"

The words froze in Rachael's mouth as Penny glanced back toward her. Penny's flesh had turned ancient and wrinkled. Her teeth were yellow and broken, her hair nothing more than wispy strands of white. Rachael gasped and closed her eyes. When she opened them, everything was normal.

"What?" Penny asked. "Is something wrong?"

"No." Rachael shook her head. She looked away. My imagination, she thought. The ride just made me imagine that. She stared at a tree across the path. A man hung from the lowest branch. A thick rope circled his neck. He swung slowly in the breeze. A buzzard sat on his shoulder. Rachael gasped and pointed. She looked toward her friends, then back at the tree. The image vanished. In her head, Rachael heard the words of the ticket man: We always give you what you pay for. Rachael realized she was still pointing. Her eyes locked on her fingers. Her own hand turned to fleshless bone. She thrust it from her sight and looked toward the ground. A screaming face rose from the earth at her feet. Rachael lifted her head toward the sky. The clouds became heads with snakes for hair and fangs for teeth. Rachael stared straight ahead, afraid to shut her eyes again, afraid that any attempt to shut out the images would bring something even worse. As she took a step to catch up with her friends, she wondered how much longer the ride would last.

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  • Talk to it and find out where all the cool ghost parties are.
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` ` Throw our fists to the air ` ` ` ` Kicking and fighting ` ` Name: Eruna Ichinomiya Nickname?: Just Eruna! Magical Girl Name: Nemurin Age: Fourteen, going on fifteen Gender: Female Sexuality: Lesbian Nationality: Full-Japanese Appearance: (Too lazy to upload photos for this dumb joke.) Magical Girl Appearance: (^) Voice & Accent: An energetic, fairly loud mezzo-soprano which almost never sounds unhappy. She has a Japanese accent. Clothing- Weekends: ~ Unbuttoned white blouse ~ Black long-sleeved t-shirt ~ Black & red skirt ~ White stockings ~ Light brown heeled ankle boots ~ Red hairband ~ Yellow scarf Clothing- Costume: ~ Light orange patterned nightgown ~ White loose socks Clothing- Sleep: ~ Baggy yellow shirt ~ White gym shorts Personality: It's not exactly difficult to say that Eruna is... well, energetic. She's full of optimism, and is never without a wide grin. It's really difficult to bring her out a happy mood once she's in one. She's very cheerful, and finds it pretty easy to go up to people and start talking. She likes to be praised and spoiled by other people, as it makes her feel extra-cheerful. Of course, she does boast about herself quite a bit and the things she's done, but she doesn't think of herself as arrogant, as she still acknowledges other people don't just want to hear a load of bragging.  Another noticeable trait of Eruna's is how much she loves anime and video games. This love has affected the way she talks about other people, often using archetypes to describe people. She also has a love for cute girls, and has no qualms about running up to you and giving you a hug just because she looks like a cute character. She often has fantasies and delusions concerning characters she deems "cute", and you can often hear her muttering random, out-of-place statements about strange scenarios. Eruna, despite her optimism, happens to be the least motivated person in the world, if not the universe. She prefers the company of her video games to doing homework and studying, and has what she likes to call "selective participation". Basically, if you're not a cute girl or you're not getting her any new games or DVDs, she won't do anything for you- not even get you a snack. Due to her lazy attitude, she rarely studies for tests, and her grades are absolutely atrocious. She doesn't exactly care- she's always got that girl from the dating sim she's playing to take her mind off things... Magical Girl Personality: Nemurin definitely has Eruna's more lazy and unmotivated personality. She likes to sleep, and do pretty much nothing else. She's kinda just there, and doesn't exactly seem all that willing to change that, either. When she isn't sleeping or lazing about and putting off her work, she likes to talk to the other magical girls. She doesn't exactly talk about specific subjects, she kinda just rambles. She's very whimsical and dreamy, and rarely seems to have her head out of the clouds. She is quite cheery, and has a friendly, cuddly vibe to her. She just seems like a really absent-minded, yet lazy optimist, which is essentially what she actually is. History: Eruna's life was pretty ordinary, and nothing really odd happened in it. She had parents who worked, she went to an ordinary school, she had an ordinary brother... there was nothing exactly abnormal about her. From a young age, she'd loved magical girls, and pretty much pretended to be one for her whole childhood. Of course, this caused other people to find her quite... well, strange, but it never really bothered her all that much. Of course, she did eventually grow out of acting like a magical girl, but she never really grew out of her love for magical girls in general. She started watching more anime and playing more games as she got older, and gained quite a lot of online friends because of this. She started playing MagiPro because one of her friends told her about it, and of course, she couldn't exactly say no to playing it. Power: Sleepwalker- Nemurin can control the mind of a living target for up to 5 minutes per use of her powers. Weapon: A pink pillow, which is used as a throwing weapon. It's very light to her, but it's pretty heavy to others- especially when thrown. Code: Magical Other Info?: @snoopynwoodstock123  ` ` Do you dare to dream? ` ` ` ` I believe I can ` `
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