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Scary Stories II

This Halloween story tells tales of spooky ghosts, haunted houses and magic pumpkins. Invite the spirit of Halloween into your home and bewitch your friends and family with this scary tale!

One Last Halloween

"Aren't you going out for trick or treat?" Jennifer's mom asked two weeks before Halloween. "If you want me to make a costume, we'd better get started."

"I'm getting kind of old for that," Jennifer said. "Maybe I'll skip it this year."

Her mom seemed surprised. "Are you sure? I thought you loved to go out?"

Jennifer nodded. "I'm pretty sure." She'd been thinking about it ever since last year -- ever since those older kids had stolen her candy and chased her down the street. As much as she loved Halloween, it just wasn't worth the risk. Monster terror was fun. Real terror wasn't.

"There's still time for me to make a costume," her mom said a week before Halloween.

"Thanks," Jennifer told her, "but I think I'll just stay home and hand out candy." That might even be nice, she thought. She liked the little kids in their cute costumes. Her enthusiasm faded as she realized the older kids would come to her door, too -- the ones who didn't even bother with real costumes. The ones who were just out to get as much candy as they could.

"Last chance," Jennifer's mom said the day before Halloween. "I can still put something together."

Jennifer shook her head. She looked out the window at the leaf-strewn streets that would soon be awash with costumed kids. "No thanks," Jennifer said.

But on Halloween, as the day fell dark and the smallest trick-or-treaters emerged from their houses like ants spilling from a hill, Jennifer knew she had to join them.

Costume, she thought, rummaging through her closet. Nothing. Sure, she could throw together a hippy look by tying a rag on as a headband, or do some sort of clown thing with makeup, but that wasn't good enough.

She tried the basement. Upstairs, she heard the doorbell ring. The first trick or treaters had arrived. As she scanned the piles of boxes stacked along a wall, a flash of a gold latch caught her eye.

Her great grandmother's old trunk was in a corner, beneath boxes of baby toys and a stack of canning jars. Jennifer vaguely remembered looking in the trunk when they'd first moved to the house.

She uncovered the trunk and opened it. A dusty smell of ancient cloth tickled her nose. She sorted through the contents. Just old dresses. Nice enough, but not the sort of costume she wanted. There was a hat with a veil. That might work in an emergency, but she had hoped to find something better.

Jennifer found nothing else. But, as she started to close the lid, she realized that something was wrong. The outside of the trunk seemed deeper than the inside. She emptied the trunk and knocked her fist against the bottom. It sounded hollow. She pushed and pressed until she stumbled across the right spot. The false bottom slipped up.

Jennifer held her breath as she lifted the wood panel, wondering what treasures she might find.

Gloves. That was all. Elegant black gloves. They seemed to be made of some sort of leather. A slip of paper next to them said, "Special gloves for a special night."

The doorbell rang again. Jennifer heard a chorus of young voices shouting "Trick or Treat!" as her mother answered the door. Halloween was slipping past her like hourglass sand.

Jennifer grabbed the hat. Not a great costume, but it would have to do. On a whim, she grabbed the gloves, too. After all, it was a special night, even if she didn't have a special costume. She slipped the gloves over her hands. They fit like a second skin. She put on the hat. The veil cut her off from the world, letting through small glimpses.

Jennifer ran upstairs and grabbed her Halloween bag.

"I'm going out," she called to her mom. She dashed into the crisp air of the last night in October.

As she got her first piece of candy, from Mrs. Gilespy next door, Jennifer knew she hadn't missed Halloween. She crossed the familiar streets, following a pattern she'd worked out several years ago.

At most houses, she heard the same familiar question. "What an interesting costume. What are you?"

"Just a veiled lady," Jennifer told them.

She reached Pritchard street. A dead end. The best path was down one side and up the other. She went to the first house, and then the second.

And then she heard the footsteps behind her. Footsteps and whispers. A crowd, taller kids, bigger kids. She skipped the next house and crossed the street.

They followed. Going to each house right after her. Playing with her the way a cat plays with a mouse. They had time. She was trapped.

Jennifer crossed the street again.

They crossed, too.

And again.

Jennifer gripped her bag with her right hand, feeling the handle bite against her palm through the thin leather of the gloves. I'm just going to walk back to the corner, she told herself. She'd go past them, and everything would be fine.

She looked straight ahead. She took a step toward them.

A crude laugh bubbled from the cluster of kids. "Trick or treat," the boy in front said. His only costume was football shirt. Behind him, another boy, the tallest of the group, wore a motorcycle jacket.

"Gonna share?" the boy in front asked.

Jennifer avoided his eyes.

He stepped closer and reached toward her bag.

Jennifer put her left hand out. She froze as the oddest sound punctured the night.


Claws, black as hard coal and sharp as needles, sprouted from her fingertips.

"Just give me the bag," the boy said.

Jennifer gave him the claw instead.

He screamed and clutched at his ripped shirt. The others took a step toward her. Jennifer flicked her arm out and slashed ribbons from the tall boy's leather jacket. She slashed a bit of flesh, too, but only enough to warn him off, only enough to make him think twice the next time he considered stalking a victim.

Even in the dark, the others saw enough to know what she had done.

They turned and fled. But not before Jennifer had flicked her wrist a final time, gutting their bags and spilling candy on the street.

The claws retracted.

Jennifer left the spilled candy alone for the little ones to find. She'd already received her reward. She finished her path along the street, making sure not to miss the house she'd skipped earlier.

"My, my, that's a lovely costume. What are you?"

"Justice," Jennifer whispered.

"What?" the woman asked.

"Just a veiled lady," Jennifer said, smiling slightly.

Her bag was nearly full. Normally, that was when she'd return home. But there were other kids out there like her, alone and vulnerable. And there were other gangs like the one she'd met.

Jennifer stayed on the streets until the last porch light went dark. Finally, she headed home.

"Did you have a good time?" her mother asked.

Jennifer nodded. She removed the hat and gloves. "Yeah. I think this was the best Halloween ever. I can't wait until next year."

"Well, just let me know ahead of time if you want a costume," her mother told her.

"I think I'll stick with this one," Jennifer said. "It's kind of fun. And it fits me really well."

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Tennis123 posted in Debating:
"unicornsrule626" wrote: "Tennis123" wrote: "unicornsrule626" wrote: I've already stated my opinion on this subject. I've proved through real evidence and facts that the earth is indeed flat.  Yes, it had indents and high elevation, such as mountains, but overall, it's flat. If you need an example, think of a pancake. The pancake itself is flat, but it can have bubbles (mountains) and indents (such as valleys).    I'm not here to try and change anyone's opinion, only to state my own. I’m not saying this as an insult, but you’re delusional with this. Because it's not delusional to think your spinning on a ball through space. Do you feel like your spinning then moving through the galaxy? I don't. its not delusional to actually think thats a good point? its like you've never understood a single thing in science class
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"iamalive" wrote: "-Oracle-" wrote: Depends on how well they can make sandwiches. hoh that was edgy Did I also mention how i'm a part-time raging feminist and a certified wiccan on the weekend?
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Fire667 posted in Debating:
"unicornsrule626" wrote: "Fire667" wrote: "unicornsrule626" wrote: I've already stated my opinion on this subject. I've proved through real evidence and facts that the earth is indeed flat.  Yes, it had indents and high elevation, such as mountains, but overall, it's flat. If you need an example, think of a pancake. The pancake itself is flat, but it can have bubbles (mountains) and indents (such as valleys).    I'm not here to try and change anyone's opinion, only to state my own. This isn't about opinions the earth is spherical and that's a fact. Countless evidence proves this and if you don't believe that evidence then you your self should leave your home and travel as far in one direction as you can go you will not meet a end. I said opinion so I didn't get attacked. I know the earth is flat. All the 'evidence' comes from NASA and the government, both of which have lied to us countless times. Just because the earth is flat doesn't mean there has to be an edge. Go drive to a beach or look up 'ocean' on google.  The horizon is flat and doesn't bend at all. How is that possible on a ball earth? Do you know what a circle is mathematically made up of. An infinite amount of lines. Its just the same concept with a sphere but with depth. Also earth is not a perfect sphere in any case your own argument about geographical locations such as hills and moutians. You fail to mention valleys and parts of the earth that are below sea level. The ocean itself appears flat because it's surface is. If you had a dome and placed walls around it. Filled it with water the surface would be flat because of cohesion water molecules stick together. Below sea level the water goes down for miles before reaching the surface of a curved earth. Which if we follow through on our example would be the dome. The ocean floor slants up creating our walls. The surface is flat
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Fire667 posted in Debating:
No not all facts about the earth comes from the government or nasa. Any non profit organization that studies the universe or astrology at all could tell you every planet is spherical. Anyone with a telescope can tell you that the sun is one as well. The very season's explain how we revolve around the sun on an axis. If We didn't them there wouldn't be a hemisphere. Its to the point where you are ignoring facts. You said opinion and you were correct not because you didn't want to get attacked but because that's all you have. How do you explain why the earth holds together. It would be impossible without the immense gravity generated by its sheer size and the fact it has a core. If it was flat we wouldn't even have gravity oceans would spill off the edge and empty into space leaving a vast desert. Your claims make no sense and I suggest you listen in science class for now on
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"slaughter" wrote: "Fire667" wrote: First I want to point out the irony of your name being slaughter.    Second, I want to applaud you on using the go to facts that everyone who supports you point of view would use.    Third, I want to point out that human life is precious, and that's why extreme measures have to be taken in order to maintain that mentality. The worst criminals in America don't commit crimes they do the very thing you accuse capital punish ment does. No worse capital punishment doesn't kill children. Doesn't torture people commit atrocitys against human nature. We don't need to waste money on people who don't care about who They hurt. Sure we spend millions on trials but, that is to insure they are not killed unless necessary. Which would cause the system to be exactly what you say it is. The sadist put on trial love every second of the pain they cause. Do you think people like this deserve to live.    Living inside a prison isn't life at all. Nothing is precious about staring at a concrete ceiling all day knowing that you killed people. That there is the easy way out. Sadist and psychopaths who deserve what capital punishment deems worthy don't feel sorry for what they did. When they escape capital punishment they laugh in their cells knowing they got away with their crimes. They are a waste of space living in a paid for box with good in their bellies that American tax payers give them. When you take another human beings life. A child's who could have grown up and changed this world for the better. Had a loving family, and lives a well enough and as you say precious life. Then the person who took that away shouldnt live a useless life doing nothing and never truly paying for their crimes.  Haha yes my username but I'm a pacifist for sure. Those extreme measures that are taken just proves that we actually aren't progressing as a society. That doesn't maintain mentality though because It's murdering people for what they've done. That's not good mentality because death is never okay under any circumstance. Many people ##### #### ## #### where murder is allowed. Killing someone doesn't make anything better It doesn't bring back lives or restore what they've done. It makes things better for people for a little while and It may seem like justice when the criminal has been executed but it brings short time happiness and doesn't actually do anything. Yeah it's one less criminal to worry about when you've killed them but It's somebodies life and they will die eventually. Just let them live a little longer, It's not that hard. They have done wrong in the world but they still have their human rights. Exactly, we don't need to waste money on people who don't care about who they hurt. So why use the very expensive capital punishment?. Sadists have a personality disorder. Everyone deserves to live. Living inside a prison isn't a great lifestyle. People try to avoid for a reason but some people just can't help but do wrong. Those that do wrong get sent to prison and they deserve to stay there. They deserve to spend a lot of time thinking about what they've done and If they have no remorse about what they've done then they have a very different way of thinking. It's not an easy way out  if you're living in a jail cell. Prison is very tough and It is a hard way of living. Your freedom is practically taken away from you because you're constantly under surveillance. Psychopaths are people that suffer from different personality disorders. It's easy for you to make a judgement on psychopaths because you will never understand their state of mind unless you are one of them and I'm not saying all psychopaths are the same but their brains are definitely wired differently. They took away a childs life knowing that they will never grow up and do good in the world, something they couldn't do. They will always be known as someone that could never do good and they will always have a  bad reputation. That doesn't mean we should kill them though. They did prevent that child from growing up but what If that criminal has a really bad mental illness or they actually feel remorse from what they did and want to change for the better?. Putting the criminal to death means they really won't pay for their crimes because they are just getting killed, just like they killed the child. Maybe that criminal really craves death after killing the child, It's better to give them the opposite of what they want. I dont think you under stand the meaning of a psychopath. They are unable to feel remorse. No many very and some do fall in the line of Pyschopath because we don't have a term for them. We can't under stand them? Its as easy to understand them as for anyone in the world to try and walk in a sane persons shoes. I'm not saying because they are psychopaths we should kill them. Their condition doesn't effect personality it effects moral development. Sitting inside a cell doesn't change a thing about them, but this debate isn't about psychopaths or how well the capital punishment punishes its about its effectiveness. I commend your arguments and do indeed say that there is no proof that it works in deterring crime. Other than that I would say we could go back and forth between others opinions but id rather not. Have a beautiful day and hope to debate on a different subject in the future
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