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Cake Mania 3 :: DS Game Review

Cake Mania 3 :: DS Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Nov 02, 2009
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

We finally received a copy of Cake Mania 3 for Nintendo DS! This is the third part of the award-winning online PC series Cake Mania. It’s big-bakery fun that tests your timing, co-ordination and organizational skills to the max!

Yeah! We’re so excited! We finally received a copy of Cake Mania 3 for Nintendo DS! This is the third part of the award-winning online PC series, Cake Mania. The game was first developed by Sandlot Games and we first heard about it and played it through the Yahoo! games page. That’s when we got totally addicted to Jill and her yummy cakes. It’s big bakery fun that tests your timing, co-ordination and organizational skills to the max!

Bridal Bakery

In Cake Mania 3 Jill the cake queen is back – and this time she’s anxiously prepping for the biggest day of her life: her wedding day. Unfortunately, a mysterious crashes to the floor of her bakery, sending Jill’s entire wedding party and all of her guests back (and, in some cases, forward) in time to various points in history. Now it’s up to the bride-to-be to travel through time, rescue her friends and family members and work her cake-making magic on everyone she meets – all before the ceremony starts!

Time’s A Tickin’

Cake Mania 3 is, like the other titles in the Cake Mania family, a time-management game – but as all you fans out there know, there’s a lot more to it than that. Playing the character of Jill, you’ll have to master 84 brand-new levels of cake-baking craziness, p0lus travel to six different bakery settings ranging from the Jurassic Period to medieval England to the far-off future. The characters you’ll meet along the way are new, too, and include:

  • Chinese emperors;
  • Medieval wizards; and
  • Ancient Egyptian mummies.

  • Of course, all these characters are hungry as ever and demand some pretty tall orders from you and your bakery, so you can expect your baking skills to be taken to the max in this frenzied cooking game.

    Custom Kitchens

    Besides all the new levels, playing environments, characters and custom orders, another cool feature of Cake Mania 3 for Nintendo DS is the fact you can customize3 your (i.e., Kill’s) bakery with 50 unique kitchen upgrades – depending on how successful you are, that is. With the money you earn from the bakery you can buy new ovens, shoes, frosters, display stands, microwaves, TVs, cake toppers, refrigerators and even a hot drink machine. All these items and tools are designed to help Jill (aka you) get better and quicker at her job while keeping all those hungry (and impatient!) customers happy.

    Mini Games

    Throughout the game there are three different mini games you can unlock and play:

  • Servo-Rama
  • Cakey-Makey
  • Match Cakes

  • You’ll also be able to win trophies for completing various tasks in Cake Mani 3 and you can follow all your accomplishments and achievements in the brand-new Trophy Room.

    Platform(s): Nintendo DS
    Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
    Release Date: October 16, 2009
    ESRB Rating: E For Everyone

    Video: Sandlot Games Commercial

    Cake Mania 3 Nintendo DS Game Rating:5

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