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Chaotic: Shadow Warriors :: Tips and Achievements

Chaotic: Shadow Warriors does not really play like a trading card game, as you would suspect. Instead, you explore Perim and do battles in a similar fashion as in the 4Kids Entertainment TV series, with a lot of things pulled in from the card game.

Scanning the Shadows

You play the game as Major Tom and start off with a new scanner that the Codemasters have given you. As it is a new scanner, there are no scans in it. The first creature you will get is Attacat, which is a part of the tutorial. From then on, it is up to you to find new creatures, mugic, and battlegear and scan them to attain them.

Aside from autoscanning the creatures that you talk to, you will need to explore your surroundings in order to find new things to scan. Luckily, the world of Perim is fairly easy to travel. There is not that many places to explore, so take the extra few steps here and there to check every nook and cranny that you come across. More often than not, it will be worth your while as you will gain new mugic and battlegear.

Battling like a Warrior

When you get into a battle, you can pick the creatures that you want to use and equip them with battlegear. Pick carefully and use the best combinations for each situation. Note that you can use five creatures in a normal battle. When you choose the creatures, those that you put into the front three slots can use all their attacks and abilities. The ones that you put in the two back slots are support creatures and can only use mugic, abilities, and battlegear. The ones in the back cannot attack, but they also cannot be attacked, so you can put weak creatures in the support slots and won't have to worry about them too much.

The combination of creatures that you use in your team will determine your mugic points, which can limit how much mugic you use in a battle. When you do an attack, you get a chance to play a quick button matching mini game where you must push the correct buttons at the correct time in order to get a bonus to your attacks and mugic. If you are having trouble with this, try practicing your time with rhythm games like Rock Band, as it is very similar to the mini game.

You can also scan enemy creatures during battles! Instead of blocking, choose to scan the enemy creature, mugic or battlegear. There is nothing really to it, but sometimes it can take a couple of turns to complete a scan. An important note, however, when you use a scan creature, mugic, or battlegear, it will always be in the same condition as when you scanned it. Just like in the TV show, if you scan a weak and injured creature, then you will get a weak and injured creature when using that scan, so do your scans earlier in battle so that you will have something in a much better condition. You can scan the same thing at different times and places and choose which scan you want to use later.

If you are scanning a lot, you will find that your battles take a long time. Keep this in mind whenever you are in a hurry and save often so that you do not have to repeat long battles.

The Creatures and Crafts of Chaos

Just because you are playing as Major Tom, it does not mean that you are stuck using all Overworlder creatures. Chaotic: Shadow Warriors allow you to scan and use Underworld, Mipedian, and Danian creatures as well! Here is a list of available creatures in the game, as well as mugic and battlegear. Be sure to find them all!

Creatures Overworld
  • Aivenna
  • Arias
  • Attacat
  • Blugon
  • Bodel
  • Dractyl
  • Frafdo
  • Heptadd
  • Intress Natureforce
  • Iparu
  • Maxxor
  • Najarin
  • Rellim WaterMaster

  • Underworld
  • Barath Beyond
  • Borth-Majar
  • Chaor
  • Dardemus
  • Khybon
  • Lord Van Bloot
  • Magmon
  • Nauthilax
  • Nivenna
  • Rothar
  • Takinom
  • Ulmar

  • Mipedian
  • Ario
  • Malvadine
  • Owayki
  • Prince Mudeenu
  • Siado
  • Sobtjek
  • Tiaane

  • Danian
  • Hammerdoom Chantcaller Assimilated
  • Illexia The Danian Queen
  • Lore
  • Mallash
  • Odu-Bathax
  • Raznus Assimilated
  • Wamma

  • Battle Gear
  • Aqua Shield
  • Aspect Amplifier: Agility
  • Aspect Amplifier: Bravery
  • Aspect Amplifier: Might
  • Aspect Amplifier: Wit
  • Bronzeflight
  • Burithean Axe
  • Cyclance
  • Diamond of Vlaric
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Elixir of Tenacity
  • Evergreen Tunic
  • Flitflut
  • Gauntlet of Might
  • Girgeth Tar
  • Ikkatosh's Aichstick
  • Levitaar
  • Liquilizer
  • Mipedian Cactus
  • Mowercycle
  • Nexus Fuse
  • Obliterators
  • Ozlai's Wreck
  • Phobia Mask
  • Phobia Plates
  • Residual Lightning Dust
  • Ring of Na'arin
  • Riverland Star
  • Spectral Viewer
  • Staff of Wisdom
  • Stingblade Prototype
  • The Doomhammer
  • Torrent Krinth
  • Torwegg
  • Viledriver
  • Vlaric Shard
  • Weightless Energy Vessel
  • Whepcrack
  • Wing-Fin

  • Mugic
  • Canon of Casualty
  • Cascade Symphony
  • Chorus of Cothica
  • Chorus of the Hive
  • Decrescendo
  • Discard of Disarming
  • Elemental Elegy
  • Ember Flourish
  • Fanfare of the Vanishing
  • Geo Flourish
  • Hymn of the Elements
  • Intimidating Melody of M'arr
  • Melody of Malady
  • Mindproof March
  • Overworld Aria
  • Song of Embernova
  • Song of Fury
  • Song of Geonova
  • Song of Mandiblor
  • Song of Recovery
  • Song of Resistance
  • Song of Resurgence
  • Song of Stasis
  • Song of Symmetry
  • Song of Treachery
  • Song of Truesight
  • Symphonic Pelagic Maresong
  • Trills of Diminution
  • Unisong
  • Achievements

    How do you prove that you are the ultimate Chaotic champ? With achievements for your gamerscore and gamer card of course! Here are the achievements for Chaotic: Shadow Warriors and how to get them.

  • Attack Master (25) Make 25 fully successful bonus Attacks during Story Mode battles
  • Blocking Master (25) Make 25 fully successful blocks during Story Mode battles
  • Chaotic Multiplayer Apprentice (20) Win 20 Ranked Matches
  • Chaotic Multiplayer Master (50) Win 50 Ranked Matches
  • Finished the game (125) Finish the game's Story Mode
  • Master Battlegear collector (125) Find all the different Battlegear items in the game
  • Master Creature collector (125) Add all the different Creatures in the game to the Creature Pool
  • Master Creature scanner (20) Scan 20 Creatures in battle
  • Master Mugic collector (75) Find all the different Mugic spells in the game
  • Mommark's Apprentice (50) Refine at least 25 Creatures
  • Novice Battlegear collector (50) Find 10 different Battlegear items
  • Novice Creature collector (25) Add 10 new different Creatures to the Creature Pool
  • Novice Creature scanner (10) Scan 5 Creatures in battle
  • Novice Mugic collector (25) Find 15 different Mugic spells
  • Professional Creature collector (50) Add 25 new different Creatures to the Creature Pool
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