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Metroid Prime Trilogy :: Boss Guide Part 2

Metroid Prime Echoes cont'd

Quadraxis: Bomb the feet while jumping to avoid the shockwaves. After all four feet are bombed, lock on the flashing blue knee and shoot it with super missiles. A charged shot can stop its spin attack. After all the knees are deestroyed, use the echo visor to shoot the antenna on the body with regular charged shots. Avoid the head until the antenna is destroy and then scan the head and super missile the antennas on the head. Once all three antenna on its head is gone, lock on the floating head and hit it with super missiles to stun it. Morphball and jump on the head by climbing on the spider rail nearby and boosting onto the head. Bomb the slots until its destroyed.

Emperor Ing: Lock on the tentacles and use annihilator beam to shoot them all. After the tentacles are gone, lock on the exposed eye and dash around while charging up a light beam attack. After the eyes are gone, use morphball to climb on the shell. Move towards the cracks where the tentacles come out and drop some bombs and move away. Once all the tentacles are gone, use the annihilator beam on its weak spots when it is purplish white. If it is red, hit it with regular charged shots until it changes back. You can use the screw attack inbetween its legs to avoid most attacks.

Dark Samus: You will fight her several times. Keep your distance and use pillars and such to hide. Charge up shots while dodging and hit her with everything you have, especially super missiles. If she goes invisible, use the dark visor to see her.

When you fight her at the end of the game, use the echo visor and super missiles instead. After a while, she will stay at the center of the room with a strong shield. Charge up your attack and jump into the phazon clusters that she makes to absorb it. When your charge attack turns blue, you can shoot it to damage her.

Metroid Corruption

Meta-Ridley: When the mouth starts to spurt fire, shoot its head and then avoid the attack. Avoid further attacks by shooting at its glowing parts with missiles and charged shots.

Rundas: Shoot him when he is on the ground or on a pillar, not while flying around. Grapple off his armor when he is stunned and then hurt him with hypermode shots.

Mogenar: When the sockets open, focus on one sphere and destroy it. Keep track of your sphere when he tries to switch it. When he reaches out for more spheres, shoot the spheres to stop him. After the spheres are gone, go to hypermode and hit the open sockets. Avoid the dash attack and morphball bomb the feet.

Ghor: Morphball and roll to avoid attacks, stay near the edge. Aim at Ghor's back and fire at the energy pack. When it explodes and his shields go down, shoot the weak point on his head while jumping over his attacks. After a while, his weak point will move to the orb antenna between his legs. Morphball bomb or boost ball it to stun him and then hit the head again.

Helios: Use screw attack to avoid attacks. When its energy shield makes a ring, use the seeker missiles on the five glowing orbs in the middle and hit them all to down the shield. Then use hypermode and hit away the armor. Destroy the armor pieces when they start glowing to avoid getting hit. When all the armor is gone, aim at the glowing spheres on his new arms and then the legs. When all his limbs are gone, go to hypermode and finish him off.

Gandrayda: Aim as best as you can, do not use charged shots. Refer to previous notes on how to deal with her transformations. When she becomes Samus, jump over attacks and keep shooting her. If you get grabbed by her, shake her off by [KWLINK 19512]waving the nunchuk and Wiimote[/KWLINK] and then screw attack her for lots of damage.

Omega Ridley: Fire at its mouth with the nova beam when he attacks. Stay at a medium range and shoot his homing attacks. Jump over shockwave and flamethrower attacks. When he's stunned, grapple off the armor and use hypermode attacks. When he makes a phazon armor, use the X-ray visor and nova beam to get rid of it. When the armor is gone for good, use the radar to keep track of him as he flies around and avoid his bombs. Use missiles and hypermode against him when he lands.

Dark Samus: Keep far away and hit her just before or right after she does an attack. When she goes to the air and absorb phazon, hit her with hypermode missiles to stop her. Use the X-ray visor when she clones herself and destroy the clone before going after the real Dark Samus, who is red and orange. If they go back to back and start firing a huge laser, go to morphball and hyperbomb them.

Aurora Unit 313: Fire at the end of the tentacles until it explodes. Shoot the socket where the tentacle was to stun the boss and grapple off the armor on its head to expose a weak point that you can shoot. Jump to avoid laser attacks and avoid or destroy the Dark Samus clones. After a while, the head will do a new attack that you can avoid by using the space jump. When only the floating head is left, jump over the shockwave attacks and shoot the cannon that fired it to stun the boss. Move to the back of the head and hit the weak spot. You can use the screw attack to stun it again. Stay underneath the head and keep shooting.

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