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Aside from Hakan, Juri is the other totally brand new character to join the street fighters in Super Street Fighter 4. Unlike Hakan, who has a pretty outrageous fighting style, Juri comes from a Tae Kwon Do background. This Korean martial arts is one of the most popular in the world and it should not suprise people if her moves look familiar.

Juri is fast and has good range with her kicks, allowing her to dart in and out of range. Players using Juri should specialize in countering attacks from opponents. Wait until they come in and reverse the attack back at them. Juri's quick recovery time makes this easy to put into practice. And thanks to the ease of use of Juri's attacks and the way they flow together, it is easy to do combos after the first hit and even combo into an Ultra! Patience and timing is key, once you get your combo started, the fight could very well be over.

Normal Attacks

  • Sekku (Forward + Medium Kick): Juri's only unique normal attack is an overhead attack. This means, if your opponent is block low, you will still hit them!

Special Attacks

Note: qcf stands for "Quarter Circle Forward" or Down, Down/Forward, Forward. This is the Hadouken motion. qcb stands for "Quarter Circle Back" or Down, Down/Back, Back and is the opposite of the Hadouken motion. qcf x 2 means you do the Hadouken motion twice.

  • Counter Move - Kasatushi (qcb + Punch): With correct timing, Juri will take no damage from a hit and will move and hit back differently depending on which punch button you used. The light and medium punch version is great against fireballs because she will absorb the fireball and attack back and forward. The hard punch version is good against vertical attacks like the Shoryuken, as she will attack up into the air.
  • Fireball Kick - Senpusha (qcb + Kick): This is Juri's fireball attack and is good against people trying to escape your combos. The light kick version will make a fireball low to the ground, the medium kick version will go straight up while the hard kick will make the fireball go diagonally up. You can also hold down the kick button to delay the fireball release. If you do the move three times quickly with each kick button, you can store three different fireball attacks by holding down the buttons!
  • Spin Kick - Fuhajin (qcf + Kick): A good ranged kick with some pretty good recovery time.
  • Dive Kick - Shikusen (qcb + Kick, Kick, Kick in air): You can do two more extra kicks in the air after the first hit for a combo. The different kick buttons you use will determine the angle.

EX Attacks

  • EX Counter Move - Kasatushi (qcb + PP): Like all EX moves, hit two punches at the same time to perform this attack instead of your regular attack.
  • EX Fireball Kick - Senpusha (qcb + KK): Snuff your opponent's fireball and throw one back! Light and Medium Punch together is the low fireball, Medium and Hard together is the vertical and Light and Hard together gives you the diagonal fireball.
  • EX Spin Kick - Fuhajin (qcf + KK): Knocks down on hit and does more damage than the regular versions of this move. Will also let you pass through fireballs.
  • EX Dive Kick - Shikusen (qcb + KK, Kick, Kick in air): Just like the normal attack, this move is armor breaking and will bounce your opponent off the wall, making it easier to combo.

Super and Ultra Attacks

  • Fuharenjin (qcb x 2 + Kick): A great combo finisher and impossible to avoid up close. It does decent damage even if your opponent is blocking. Don't bother with this from afar, however. The fireballs that Juri throws at the end don't go very far, but can help you continue the combo.
  • Feng Shui Engine (qcf x 2 + PPP): This is a custom combo, meaning your normal attacks will juggle and continue a combo easily. This is fun to mess around with if you've got a good handle on Juri and her attacks. However, the other Ultra is still better.
  • Kaisen Dankairaku (qcf x2 + KKK): This armor breaking ultra is pretty easy to combo into and great against airborne opponents. This means it's great to use after landing a Shikusen and makes this ultra very useful.

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