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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks :: Stamps Station Guide

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After defeating Stagnox and visiting the Tower of Spirits the second time around, go back to Aboda Village in the Forest Realm and give Niko a visit. He will reward you with a Stamp Book and task you to collect stamps from all over the world!

There are 20 stamps in total. If you collect a bunch, Niko will reward you. After getting 10 stamps, he will give you the Shield of Antiquity, which cannot be eaten by LikeLikes. For 15 stamps, Niko will give you the Engineer Clothes so that you can wear your old outfit again. And if you collect all 20 stamps, Niko will reward you with a Swordman's Scroll, teaching Link the ability to use the Great Spin Attack! (do three spins in a row to perform a super attack).

Stamp Station #1 Right after getting the Stamp Book from Niko, explore the northern section of Aboda Village and you'll find this stamp station just west of Alfonzo's home.

Stamp Station #2 Also in the Forest Realm, head over to Whittleton Village and just head upwards to reach deeper into the village. The stamp station is next to a pile of leaves, just a bit north.

Stamp Station #3 In the Forest Realm's Forest Sanctuary, go until you are right in the middle of the map. There is a switch here on a high platform, hit it to create a bridge going west. Cross that bridge to reach stamp station #3.

Stamp Station #4 Still in the Forest Realm, go to the Forest Temple once you have the Whirlwind weapon. At the northeastern area of the first floor of the dungeon, use the Whirlwind weapon to remove the purple fog in the area. This will reveal a path that will lead you to stamp station #4.

Stamp Station #5 Moving on to the Snow Realm, visit Anouki Village. This stamp station is hiding behind some trees in the east of the village. To get there, start at the train station and move diagonally east and north.

Stamp Station #6 At the Snow Sanctuary, go to the narrow staircase that can be found at the western section of the map. Climb up the stairs to reach this easy stamp station.

Stamp Station #7 Once you have the Boomerang, go to the northeast section of the Snow Temple's basement first floor. Go to the room with a large pond and five torches. Using your Boomerang, hit the ice torch and make a bridge of ice to help you cross over to the northeast corner of the area. The stamp station is located there.

Stamp Station #8 Still in the Snow Realm, take your Boomerang and go to Wellspring Station. At the northern section here, there is a large lake. If you stand behind Ferrus's house and use the Boomerang on the ice torch there, you can create a path across the lake. The stamp station is located just west of where the ice torch is.

Stamp Station #9 Once you are able to buy bombs from Beedle, it's time to go back to the Forest Realm. With your explosive goods, visit Castle Town and place a bomb to break the blocks at the northeast section of the map. Proceed north through the uncovered path and then all the way west to reach the next stamp station.

Stamp Station #10 After getting the Ocean Rail Map and trying to get to the new destination, you will find that the bridge is broken! Visit the Trading Post in this area and Linebeck the III will tell you to find the bridge repair man that is located in the eastern part of the Snow Realms. Go to the station called Bridge Worker's Home and talk to the carpenter there until he goes on the train with you.

After the bridge has been fixed, you can finally get to the west end of the map, where there is a cave. Go through the cave and, before you exit at the north end, look towards the west and you will see the next stamp station across the water. Use a bomb to blow up the block that is in your way and jump over to the station!

Stamp Station #11 After getting the whip in the Ocean Temple, go to the second floor. Right next to the staircase at the north end of the dungeon, bomb the cracks in the wall to reach a hidden northern section of the second floor. Keep going north and you'll find a switch on the right side. Use your Boomerang to hit the switch and then go back south and bomb the left crack.

Use the whip on the wooden poles to cross the gap and then use the whip again to pull the fish statues and open a door to the right. Time your whip pole swing so that you land on the moving platform and then walk north to reach the stamp station.

Stamp Station #12 After learning the Song of Birds, visit the Ocean Sanctuary and go to the entrance of Carben's lair. Play the Song of Birds on the Spirit Flute and latch on the bird with the whip and you'll get a ride to stamp station #12.

Stamp Station #13 Still in the Ocean Realm, visit Papuchia Village. Play the Song of Birds near where Carben and friends are playing. Use the whip on the bird and you'll end up on the island to the east. From here, run south and use your whip to hop from island to island so that you can reach the southwestern island where the stamp station is located.

Stamp Station #14 Once in the Fire Realm, go to the southwest corner of Goron Village. Use the whip here and swing towards the northwest corner of the village, where the stamp station is located.

Stamp Station #15 At the Fire Sanctuary, use your Boomerang to light all the torches in the middle of the area to create several bridges. Take the bridge to goes off to the west and walk north to cross the long bridge that goes off to the east. The stamp station is just across the second bridge.

Stamp Station #16 Once you have the Bow and Arrow, go to Basement First Floor of the Fire Temple. Find the room that you ride a cart around in a circle. After solving the wall switch puzzle, you will be able to stop in the middle of the room. Jump back on the cart and, just as you pass the southwest corner of the room, shoot an arrow toward a hidden switch at the southwest corner of the room and the cart will take you to the next stamp station.

Stamp Station #17 Go to Wellspring Station and bring at least 10 Mega Ice to the fish lady in Papuchia Village. This will earn you a Force Gem and let you reach the Pirate Hideout. Go to the eastern part of the Pirate Hideout and you should be able to see the stamp station just above you. Use the Song of Birds and your whip to reach it.

Stamp Station #18 After getting the Sand Wand, go to the Basement First Floor of the Sand Temple and head north. go through the door on the right and walk north. Use the Sand Wand here to make a path left, up, and then right to reach the stamp station.

Stamp Station #19 Bring 5 Cuccos from Castle Town to Rael at the Sand Sanctuary to get a Force Gem. Right after doing this, grab one of the cuccos and use it to fly over to a small island at the southeastern part of the map, where the stamp station is located.

Stamp Station #20 After beating the Sand Temple and the Tower of Spirits one last time. Go back to the Tower of Spirits and head to the top, where the final stamp station is located.

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