Microsoft's Project Natal Revealed Early

Jun 13, 2010

Although the Microsoft E3 2010 press conference is going down today, Project Natal's final form was revealed during a big, Cirque du Soleil hosted event over the weekend.

Get Kinect-ed

Microsoft's motion controller project, which was codenamed Natal during last year's E3 now has an official name. The final look of Kinect is very similar to what people have seen so far: a thin black bar with several cameras. The size of the bar is a bit smaller than what Natal originally showed. It is now about the same size as the width of an XBox 360 controller.

The way Kinect works is still the same. There are no handheld controllers involved. Instead, Kinect's camera keeps track of your entire body and movement. There is also a microphone that will pick up your voice, which will also be used in controlling games and apps.

Kinect's Four and More

A few games have already been announced for the Kinect. These include Kinectimals, a game that lets you train and play with all sorts of felines, including lions and tigers; Joyride, a co-op racing game that was shown last year; Kinect Sports, boasting boxing, bowling, beach volleyball, track adn field, soccer and table tennis; Kinect Adventures, with at least a co-op river rafting game; Dance Central, a MTV game that is supposed to be like So You Think You Can Dance.

Also mentioned are a Star Wars game and a Disney Game featuring Tinkerbell. Apps will include a neat Minority Report style interactive menu and also Video Chat, where you can talk to your friends and even share photos.

Kinect will be out in November. There is no set price yet, but it is rumored to be about $149. Be sure to check in tomorrow for the full recap of Microsoft's E3 2010 Press Conference!

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