Air Hogs Sharpshooter Review

Air Hogs Sharpshooter Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Jun 22, 2010
( Rating: 5 Star Rating)

It’s the coolest aircraft in the sky and now you can get one for your living room. The Sharpshooter by Air Hogs is a toy helicopter that is fun to fly, easy to control, and it even shoots little missiles.

The Sharpshooter flies nice once you get it going. It might not fly properly the first time you try to take off, so you may need a little patience to set up the balance with the remote controller. However once you get it going, this baby flies smooth and easy. It doesn’t go forward very fast which makes it easy to fly around your mom when she’s baking cookies.

Ready for Take-offReady for Take-off

There are two launching missiles that you can fire from your remote controller. Just hover the helicopter over your target, press the red button, and it fires the spring-loaded missile about 5 feet with amazing accuracy. Check out this kid’s improvisational skills to pop balloons.

Other fun things that you can do with the Sharpshooter:

  • Try to fly and land without crashing
  • Set-up and obstacle course
  • Shoot missiles at GI JOES, army men and other targets
  • Compete with your friend to see who is the better sniper
  • Get two sharpshooters and try to shoot each other down

Toy BoxToy Box

The sharpshooter is lightweight and very durable. It’s very light so you don’t really have to worry about breaking it or anything else around the house. It’s very flexible, so you can nose-dive this toy from 20 feet and it won’t break. It’s only $34.99 and well worth it’s money, as you’ll probably be playing with this toy even in college.

Air HogsAir Hogs

The Sharpshooter would make a really cool gift for a boy ages 10 and up. Make sure to also buy 6 AA Batteries that DO NOT come included. The remote controller will need lots of juice to power up the helicopter frequently so get lots of extras too.

Thumbs Up

  • This is the best toy ever!

Thumbs Down

  • It needs to be recharged frequently. You can only fly it for about 3-4 minutes before recharging which takes about 10-15 minutes.
Blackhawk DownBlackhawk Down

Rating: 5
Ages: 10 & Up
Price Range: 3

Price Range Legend
$0-$15 = 1
$16-$30 = 2
$31-$45 = 3
$46-$60 = 4
$60+ = 5

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