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Fashion Police: 53rd Grammy Awards

Feb 14, 2011

The 53rd Grammy Awards aired on Sunday night and, along with the best of the best in music we saw some of the worst of the worst in fashion! Check out what Kidzworld made of the stars’ red carpet style – and who got props from us for the best, the worst and the WEIRDEST dressed at the 2011 Grammy Awards!

Grammy Best Dressed

Selena Gomez sparkled on the red carpet at the 2011 Grammy AwardsSelena Gomez sparkled on the red carpet at the 2011 Grammy Awards

First up, the oh-so-stylish Selena Gomez who kept it simple and classy in a shimmery, floor-length, metallic dress by designer J. Mendel, gorgeous flowing locks, sparkly earrings and shiny pink lips. Love!

Justin Bieber looked just great in a white velvet tuxJustin Bieber looked just great in a white velvet tux

Next we have Selena’s rumored boyfriend Justin Bieber, who many fans felt got ripped off when he didn’t win as many awards as predicted. Still, he looked AB FAB in his off-white, velvet, three-piece tuxedo, shirt and bow tie, all by Dolce & Gabbana.

Katy Perry's look took off with the addition of feathered angel wingsKaty Perry's look took off with the addition of feathered angel wings

And, rounding out the top three best dressed Grammy celebs for 2011…Katy Perry! We know some people may disagree with us (and put her on the WORST dressed list), but we thought KP looked positively heavenly in her custom-made Armani gown with crystal top and white feather angel wings!

Honorable Mentions:
Bruno Mars, Jennifer Lopez, Julianne HoughBruno Mars, Jennifer Lopez, Julianne Hough
  • Bruno Mars: Dapper in a black tux, no tie and pompadour.
  • Jennifer Lopez: Disco-fabulous in a mirror-ball-like dress.
  • Julianne Hough: Sweet and stylish in an ankle-grazing gown.

(Psst: Think we missed anyone on our best dressed list? Let us know by leaving a comment below this story!)

Grammy Worst Dressed

Miley's Cyrus' gown looked too largeMiley's Cyrus' gown looked too large

We’re not sure how the normally stylish Miley Cyrus went so wrong when it came to dressing for the Grammys?! The former Hannah Montana starlet’s animal-print gown looked WAY too big for her, and she wore so many bangles on each arm, she musta been making a whole lotta “music” of her own as she walked the red carpet on Sunday night…

Rihanna's dress was too peek-a-boo for our tasteRihanna's dress was too peek-a-boo for our taste

The lovely Rihanna rocked it out on stage with Drake, but not so much on the red carpet. We thought her ruffly dress was a little “see-through” – and kinda looked like those fake, plastic, leis you get at Hawaiian-themed luau parties!

Christina Agueilera's sequins didn't really suit herChristina Agueilera's sequins didn't really suit her

Last but not least in the worst dressed category: Christina Agueilera. It sure hasn’t been a good month for the pop star – she messed up a line of the national anthem at the Super Bowl AND she messed up with this TOO-TIGHT sequined number at the Grammy Awards!

Honorable Mentions:
Bonnie McKee, Crystal Bowersox, Ricky MartinBonnie McKee, Crystal Bowersox, Ricky Martin
  • Bonnie McKee: Her creamsicle “mullet” dress (short in the front, long in the back) has landed her among our worst dressed celebs this year.
  • Crystal Bowersox: Her emerald-colored dress was way too frumpy for the red carpet!
  • Ricky Martin: Can you say “WAY TOO TIGHT SILVER PANTS?!?!?”

(Psst: Think we missed anyone on our worst dressed list? Let us know by leaving a comment below this story!)

Grammy Weirdest Dressed

The top prize in the “weirdest” category has got to go to not one but two celebs who are already known for their wacky outfits: Lady Gaga and Miss Nicki Minaj.

Lady Gaga showed up in an egg, carried by attendantsLady Gaga showed up in an egg, carried by attendants

Let’s start with the obvious: Gaga wore a giant egg to the Grammys. OK, that’s cool. We’re used to her shocking outfits. But we’re not sure this one beat out the meat dress she wore to the MTV Muisic Video Awards back in September. What do you think?

Nicki Minaj looked liked a leopard ElviraNicki Minaj looked liked a leopard Elvira

Not to be outdone (and sort of carrying on the “egg” precedent set by Gaga), Nicki sported a leopard-print “bubble” gown that was perfectly complemented by her dome-shaped, Elvira-looking hair-do (we realize she’s trying to be edgy and all, but really, that was more like a hair-DON’T) and electric-pink lipstick.

Goose Gown vs. Swan Dress Showdown!Goose Gown vs. Swan Dress Showdown!

Finally, Florence Welch (she’s in a band called Florence and the Machine) tried a new take on an old, odd favorite – the swan dress. Bjork first made this “fowl” style famous at the 2001 Oscar Awards. Good on Florence for trying to make the goose gown work a second time, but we’re not sure she’s got Bjork beat on this one…

Honorable Mentions:
Gram'ma Funk, Hayley Williams, SnookiGram'ma Funk, Hayley Williams, Snooki
  • Gram’ma Funk: Umm… yeah, not much we can say about this very un-grandma-like look...
  • Hayley Williams: Her hot-pink tutu sorta clashed with her bright-red hair…
  • Snooki: Looks like the Jersey Shore “star” arrived in a spacecraft of some sort…

(Psst: Think we missed anyone on our weirdest dressed list? Let us know by leaving a comment below this story!)

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Who was the worst dresssed at the 2011 Grammy Awards?

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  • Rihanna
  • Christina Agueilera
  • Lady Gaga

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