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Top 5 Sports Conspiracies

Sport Conspiracies go all the way back to ancient Greece during the first Olympic Games when the winner of the marathon apparently waited for the pack of runners to run far ahead, then sneaked onto a horse, and proceeded to gallop all the way to the finish line to win the gold medal. But there is no proof since there was no such thing as cameras to catch the cheater, and the only witness was Pontius Pilate and everyone knows he’s a bold face liar… ok here are the top 5 sports conspiracies:

Miracle Mockup

Super Bowl III was a ShamSuper Bowl III was a Sham

In 1969, the NFL was not fun to watch… Just a few teams were dominating the League. All-star player, Bubba Smith said that Super Bowl III was a set-up for the New York Jets, a huge underdog, to beat his high-powered Baltimore Colts. It was “a miracle” and fans loved it! The NFL exploded in popularity after this unbelievable event. Sounds kinda fishy!

Wayne's Wish

Wayne off to HollywoodWayne off to Hollywood

In 1988, Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers shocked everyone by making the biggest trade in sports history. Wayne was traded to the Los Angeles Kings and it was shocking because it was such a ridiculous thing to do. So what really happened? Wayne had just married Hollywood actress Janet Jones. Of course no one would ever admit that Wayne was traded to LA just so Janet could star in Police Academy 4.

Phantom Punch

Get up Sonny ListonGet up Sonny Liston

Muhammad Ali beat Sonny Liston with a punch that never connected. Even Ali stood over Sonny telling him to get up. He knew there was a conspiracy for Sonny to throw the fight.

Steroid Stigma

Barry Blow UpBarry Blow Up

The most obvious sports conspiracy ever is how the MLB let players like Mark Maguire and Barry Bonds take steroids to hit hundreds of home runs… duh! The League made billions on the hype and Ebayers spent millions on baseballs worth 50 cents.

Referee's Rules

Tim Donaghy fixing the gameTim Donaghy fixing the game

Tim Donaghy became the most infamous NBA referee when he admitted to gambling on basketball games. He told FBI agents that he knew inside information that allowed him to predict the winners of games that he would bet on. The saddest part of this story is that many people believe that he and other referees conspired to fix Game 6 of the NBA Western Conference Championship game between the Lakers and the Kings.

Oh by the way, I lied about the conspiracy in Ancient Greece. Did you believe me? Don’t believe everything you read!!!

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Biggest Sports Movie Cliche? Vote!

  • Team of underdogs wins the title.
  • Player that no one thinks has a chance become the hero.
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  • Hot cheerleader hooks up with sweet nerdy guy after realizing star quarterback is really a big jerk.

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