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Savvy Q&A

Pop group Savvy, made up of Gigi Lemaire, Shaylen Carroll, Alan Shaw, Drew Reinartz and Andrew Bowen Stern, is a huge hit on Radio Disney, is featured on The Wannabes...and they just keep getting bigger! Even though they’re busy making music, holding a dance contest to promote bone health and touring, Savvy still had time to chat with  Kidzworld...

KW: How did you guys become a band?

  • Drew: There was a nationwide audition by our producers in Texas. Over 400 kids auditioned. 20 were picked and attended a two-week boot camp in singing, dancing and acting. Then we were selected to be in the group "Savvy."

KW: Has being in a band changed your life?  

  • GiGi: Being in Savvy has given me the opportunity to train and perform. It has allowed me chance to travel and see the world and do what I love to do. If I wasn't in Savvy then I'd probably be getting ready to enter high school and playing volleyball. Savvy has made my life so exciting beyond words.  

KW: Did you always know wanted to be a performer?  

  • Shaylen: Yes, ever since I can remember I wanted to be a singer. I think it's safe to say that everyone in the group knew early on that they wanted to be performers. You just know when you love to sing, dance, tell funny jokes or be in plays, and there's nothing else you really want to do but rehearse. That's how it was for everyone in Savvy. 

KW: What was it like the first time you heard yourselves on Radio Disney?  

  • Alan: It was really cool. We were all sitting in an SUV listening and when it came on the radio we all started screaming and jumping in our seats. It must have looked funny to other people on the hotel parking lot watching the SUV moving. It was a dream come true for us! 

KW: Being in a band can be like having a second family. Are you guys close? Do you ever argue?   

  • Andrew: Yes, we are every bit like a family. We've been together for over 7 years. Gigi was seven and Drew was 14 when we first started Savvy. Now she's 14 and Drew is 21. We have been together rehearsing, touring, and filming for so many years we love each other as brothers and sisters. We basically always get along, except sometimes when we are tired someone may get a little short but there have never been any big arguments. It's always been the rule that if something is bothering one of us that we get together in a room and talk it out until we all come to an understanding. We love and respect one another and are so grateful to be on this journey together. 

Check out Savvy's song "Telling Me No":                                                                                                              

KW: What’s something most fans wouldn’t know about you?  

  • Shaylen: That we can be extremely silly and laugh a lot when we are all riding in the van or bus together. 

KW: How would you describe your music?

  • Alan: Pop/Rock/Rhythmic

KW: Do you have plans to tour?  

  • Drew: Yes, we will be touring a lot in the next year. In August we are doing several Camplified tour dates. 

KW: Can you tell us about the Best Bones Forever! Let’s Dance Contest?  

  • GiGi: The Best Bones Forever! Let's Dance Contest featuring Savvy is all about having fun and building strong bones, and dancing is a great way to do both. So, if you’re a girl between the ages of 9 and 18, grab your friends and start dancing! Choreograph a dance to one of the five Savvy songs, record the routine, and upload the video to the contest website. The winning team will win a trip to appear in a Savvy music video! Girls should visit the website to learn more.

KW: What are some of your favorite dance moves?

  • Andrew: We've recently worked with Chucky Klapow who was in Michael Jackson's "This Is It" and won an Emmy for High School Musical choreography. We love all of the dance routines he created for us, but especially the Michael Jackson medley dance moves that we added to our show. 

KW: Is there anything else you would like your fans to know? 

  • Alan: We love and appreciate their support so much.  We are doing what we love to do and we want them to go out and live their dreams, too. 

Savvy wants to get you dancing for the Best Bones Forever! contest, so why not start with their hit song "I Wanna Dance":                                                                                                

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What's your favorite instrument to play in a school band?

  • Violin
  • Flute
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