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90210: Season 5, Episode 6 :: The Con

Nov 20, 2012

This week on 90210 (Season 5, Episode 6), Annie's new boyfriend steal Max's video game designs and markets them as his own. Read Kidzworld’s recap of “The Con,” which aired on November 19, 2012, to discover what you missed.


Max and his company were about the revolutionize the gaming industry with software that allowed you, the player, to become the hero in your own video game. But when a hacker breaches their system and steals their codes, they're forced to pull an all nighter to restore it back to its former glory. But all the work winds up being for nothing when Colin, Annie's new boyfriend, presents Max's video game as his own at the Phenomi-con convention. Now Max and Alec can't present their idea or it will make them look like the copycats. This spurs a huge fight between Alec and Naomi, who eventually forces Max to choose between his best friend and his wife.

The Nice Guy

Annie has had bad luck with the guys she's dated in her past. And she thought for the first time, she'd actually found a genuinely nice guy. But it turns out that Colin was just a snake, using her to get at Max's company. It turns out that Dixon's physical therapist, Riley, was right about him all along. Riley confesses his feelings for Annie, and after Annie discovers the truth about Colin, she gives into her own feelings for Riley.

Get Your Facts Straight

Navid is fed up with Liam's slimy ways. He thinks that Liam is just playing Silver, especially after he saw the sex tape of him sleeping with his professor. So Navid decides to get the ultimate revenge. At Phenomi-con, where the prescreening for Liam's movie Corporate Invaders 2 is scheduled to be held, Navid swaps the video for Liam's sex tape. But little does he know that this prescreening is going live on the internet. Not only that, but Navid didn't have his facts straight going in - Silver and Liam are just friends, and Liam was in fact dating his teacher. Who's slimy now, Navid?

Cheater, Cheater

Since Dixon started treating Adrianna horribly, Ade has been seeking comfort in Dixon's agent, Taylor. But Taylor doesn't want to be Ade's booty call every time she and Dixon fight. He gives her an ultimatum: break up with Dixon, or it's over between them. Adrianna returns home to end her relationship only to find Dixon sprawled out on the ground in pain. She takes him to the hospital and learns that he has an abscess on his spine which has been causing him horrible pain for days. It turns out, Dixon's bad mood was all because of his pain, and he tells Ade just how lucky he is to have her. After this, Ade feels too guilty to break up with him.

Have Your Say

Have you ever been cheated on? Would you want your bf or gf to tell you the truth or is it better not to know? Tell us in our comment section below!


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