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Blinx vs. Buffy :: Ultimate Battle!

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Blinx the Time Sweeper and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are about to have one serious smackdown. Why? Cuz the Buffster's sick of Blinx using his time control powers to make it nighttime all the time. The cool cat Blinx loves the nightlife so he's been tweakin' the timeline to party all the time. But Buffy's not cool with that cuz the vampires have been lovin' the 24/7 nighttime as well and Sunnydale is losing blood faster than ever.

Blinx the Time Sweeper may not be much in the butt-kicking department but he can warp time to throw Buffy for a loop. His trusty Time Sweeper gives him a serious edge in any competition.

But Buffy's been kicking butt for a long time and she's not about to lose out to a kitty with an overgrown wristwatch. Buffy has the moves and she isn't afraid to use them. She also has the Scooby Gang backing her up with brainpower and some magical tricks.

Who's gonna stomp who? Will Blinx the Time Sweeper clean Buffy's clock? Or will the Vampire Slayer kick this kitty's tail?

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