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Top 5: The Most Hardcore Female Game Characters

Jan 10, 2014

The video game industry is full of insane, over the top action heroes that you control through explosive scenarios. Most of the time though, our main protagonist, the hero saving the day, is a man. While times are slowly changing and we're seeing more well written female character's, there's still too few out there. That said, those few that are out there are some of the most courageous, toughest and coolest characters ever created.

Check out Kidzworld's Top 5 most hardcore female game characters below!

#5) Lightning - FFXIII

Lightning from Final Fantasy 13 TrilogyLightning from Final Fantasy 13 TrilogyCourtesy of Square-Enix

Lightning's journey in Final Fantasy XIII started as a familiar one, save her sister from a fate worse than death. But after getting caught up in a bigger threat, her once singular goal of saving her sister became an epic adventure. Lightning is eventually chosen to be a "savior", now having to deal with her own problems while also saving the souls of everyone in the world. She has a lot on her shoulders...including a massive sword.

Lightning is not to be messed with. Insane acrobatics, a huge deadly sword that would make Cloud (FF7) jealous and enough bravery to fight enemies 20 times her size.

#4) Jade - Beyond Good & Evil

Jade from Beyond Good and EvilJade from Beyond Good and EvilCourtesy of Ubisoft

Beyond Good and Evil came from the brilliant mind of Michael Ancel. You may not know the name, but you've played his games...He is the creator of the Rayman series. Jade, is one of his best creations and one of the coolest game characters out there. Jade was created to represent a more down to earth and compassionate woman.

She's a pro photographer and can kick major butt thanks to some serious martial arts skills and also takes care of her islands orphaned children. Beautiful, smart and dangerous (if on her bad side). Jade is awesome.

#3) Faith Connors - Mirror's Edge

Faith Connor's from Mirror's EdgeFaith Connor's from Mirror's EdgeCourtesy of EA/Dice

Faith is one of the most "extreme" character's in gaming overall, not just as a female. Wall running 30 stories up with no safety nets, swinging from helicopters and disarming and incapacitating bad guys without ever firing a shot of her own.

Faith is all about slick on foot maneuvers and hand to hand combat. Jump, wall run, slide, kick, punch...Faith will break you five times before you even hit the ground.

#2) Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

Lara Croft from Tomb RaiderLara Croft from Tomb RaiderCourtesy of Square-Enix

Easily one of the most recognizable characters in gaming, Lara Croft has been around since the 90's when she made her debut in Tomb Raider on PC which then eventually hitting home consoles. But it wasn't until the 2013 Tomb Raider reboot that Lara would be transformed into one of the most maturely handled female game characters ever.

You could drop Lara into the middle of a jungle with nothing but a pack of gum and she would survive. With incredible instincts and a knack for improvising, Lara Croft stands out as one of the most well rounded characters out there. Athletic, Intelligent and packing more courage per square inch than most, Lara Croft is nearly unmatched in any environment.

#1) Samus Aran - Metroid

Samus Aran from MetroidSamus Aran from MetroidCourtesy of transfuse.deviantart

The ultimate bounty hunter, Samus Aran from Nintendo's epic Metroid series is hands down the most badass female game character out there. She's described as tall and muscular, sizing in around 6'3 tall and 195 pounds and that's before she gets into her epic power-suit. Her power-suit protects her from any unexpected threats that pop up on her travels and also comes packing some serious heat depending on the power-ups equipped at the time.

Samus Aran from MetroidSamus Aran from MetroidCourtesy of Nintendo

Arm canons, laser beams, missiles, super speed and of course, the ability to collapse into the morph-ball, allowing Samus to navigate through tight spaces. Samus Aran is not one to trifle with. Strong, independent and a serious weapons expert, Samus Aran is Kidzworld's #1 most hardcore female game character.

Have Your Say!

Who do you think is the most hardcore female game character out there? Let us know in the comments below!




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