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Discover Nature With Disneynature Explore App

March 28, 2014

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Kids and families can now explore the outdoors like never before with Disneynature Explore, a new augmented reality app is now available for free on the Apple App Store. Launching to coincide with Earth Month and the release of Disneynature's latest theatrical movie, BEARSDisneynature Explore combines an augmented reality experience with fun animal-behavior game play that encourages children to get outside and discover nature.

When the app’s augmented reality features are used, 3D animals will appear in the live camera view of the device, taking kids on adventures in their own backyards or neighborhoods. In the activities kids will be able to catch salmon like a brown bear and follow tracks to find her bear cub, hunt a warthog with a lion, view the world from the eyes of a monarch butterfly, fish for termites like a chimpanzee and more. In total, Disneynature Explore features five animal adventures, each with four unique challenges.

Through player sound recognition, kids will be able to interact directly with the animals they see on their screens. Kids can take photos of each adventure and then add them to their Disneynature Journal.

Disneynature Explore features:

  • Exciting 3D animal animation, sound effects and player sound recognition
  • Target colors and objects in the view of the mobile device to explore the environment
  • Disneynature Journal to store pictures of each adventure and track progress
  • Disneynature video clips of real animals featured in the app, including the brown bears from Disneynature BEARS in theaters on April 18th
  • Photo missions to extend a family’s engagement with nature
  • A parents’ page that includes suggestions for outdoor play
  • Virtual Disneynature pins awarded throughout gameplay
  • Spanish language option
  • No in-app purchases or third-party advertising

Disneynature Explore App Preview



Disneynature Explore requires iOS7 or higher and is compatible with iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPod 5, iPad 2 and iPhone 4 and above only. Disneynature Explore is now available on the Apple App Store.