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The Sims Online vs. Warcraft III :: Ultimate Battle

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It's time for an online showdown between party lovin' peeps from The Sims Online and the big green orcs from Warcraft III Reign of Chaos! The internet isn't big enough for The Sims and Warcraft III so, rather than letting The Sims move in on their turf, the orcs are gonna crash their parties and smash some heads. The Sims aren't gonna sit there and get stomped though - they're gonna show those orcs that it's more fun to party than to kick butt! When the orcs show up, the party is gonna go into overdrive and the tunes are gonna soothe Warcraft III's savage orcs.

What do you think is gonna happen? Will the Warcraft III orcs beat The Sims senseless? Or will The Sims unleash the big green dudes' inner party animals? Cast your vote below and tell us how this online rumble is gonna go down!

Check out the competition and then to vote for the winner!

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