Kidzworld Interview with Boy Band 4Count

Jun 12, 2014

Discovered by Nick Cannon, 4Count (Adam, Kieran, Aaron and Ben) are the newest boy band on the block and they're ready to take over the airwaves with their latest single "Epic" - we had a chance to catch up with 4Count members (and brothers!) Adam and Kieran, find out more in their Kidzworld interview!

Kidzworld: How old are all of you and where are you from?

  • Adam: I’m 21, Kieran is 18, Ben is 23, and Aaron is 25. Kieran, Aaron and I grew up in Southern California, while Ben was born in England, and grew up in Florida!

Kidzworld: How was 4Count created? Where did you meet?

  • Adam: Well, Kieran and I actually worked on a previous project with Nick Cannon a couple years ago, so when he was developing this “boy band” idea he got in contact with us and we immediately agreed! A week later we had a closed audition, found Aaron and Ben, and officially became 4Count!

Kidzworld: You were discovered by Nick Cannon, can you tell us about how that happened?

  • Adam: Kieran and I worked with Nick Cannon a couple years ago on a project that he was heavily involved in. He said he really loved the way we danced, the fact that we were brothers, and in his words, our “blue eyed soul!” He then had a meeting with us and told us his idea of joining a “boy band” that he was going to put together. We were so excited we started screaming and jumping up and down saying “were gonna be in a boy band were gonna be in a BOY BAND!! A week later we had a closed audition at our NCredible studio, found Aaron and Ben, and the rest is history in the making!

Kidzworld: You recently released the single 'Epic," can you tell us what the song is about?

  • Aaron: Our new single is flying up the charts and it’s an amazing song encouraging people of all ages to really focus on positive thinking and not let anyone talk them out of living their dreams! We really connect with the song because we’ve been through so many ups and downs yet we never let it discourage us from keeping our heads down, working hard and staying humble.

Kidzworld: There's some amazing dance moves in the video, and we hear you guys did the choreography, who would you all say is the best dancer in the group?

  • Kieran: We definitely all have our strengths in dancing so there isn’t a best dancer, we are a group so would 100% be the Best Dance Group. 

Kidzworld: Your debut album is due out this summer, what kind of vibe are you going for on it?

  • Aaron: Our album is really going to surprise people. Every song offers something different for the listeners. It takes you on a roller coaster ride through so many emotions. There are the love ballads, up-beat dance tracks, inspirational songs to keep your head up, and of course the signature “blue eyed soul” 4Count sound that you can listen to every night.  

Kidzworld: Who are some artists that you look up to?

  • Aaron:  Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, Musiq Soulchild, Neyo, The Beatles, The Temptations, Boyz II Men, Omarion.

Kidzworld: What is the best piece of advice you've received since starting out as a band?

  • Kieran: Our best advice would have to be coming from the boss man Nick Cannon and always telling us too “Work hard and stay humble and it will take you places.” 

Kidzworld: Do you plan to tour this year?

  • Kieran: Yes we definitely plan on touring closer to the end of the year so absolutely! We have an amazing album were working on and can’t wait to share it!

Check out 4Count's new single "Epic," below!


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DacshundLove wrote:

Kieran and Aaron are bae
commented: Thu Aug 28, 2014

Never heard of em but they're totes adorable.
commented: Wed Aug 27, 2014


tinnafigo wrote:

commented: Mon Jul 28, 2014

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