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Kidzworld's Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

Dec 12, 2016

Looking for that special gift to put under the tree? Or that stellar Hanukah present? Well then check out Kidzworld's Holiday Gift Guide for 2016! These are some of our favorite things throughout the year that would make the perfect stocking stuffers for your loved ones. Video games, music, movies and more! 

Kidzworld's Holiday Gift Guide 2016!Kidzworld's Holiday Gift Guide 2016!

Blu-ray and DVD's

Kidzworld's Gift Guide - Alice In Wonderland, Finding Dory, Captain AmericaKidzworld's Gift Guide - Alice In Wonderland, Finding Dory, Captain AmericaCourtesy of Disney

Kidzworld's Gift Guide - Batman v Superman, Secret Life of Pets, Suicide SquadKidzworld's Gift Guide - Batman v Superman, Secret Life of Pets, Suicide Squad

Kidzworld's Gift Guide - Kung Fu Panda 3, Allegiant, Norm of the NorthKidzworld's Gift Guide - Kung Fu Panda 3, Allegiant, Norm of the North

SONY Pictures Animation Lunchbox SetSONY Pictures Animation Lunchbox SetCourtesy of Sony

Video Games

Kidzworld's Gift Guide 3DS GamesKidzworld's Gift Guide 3DS GamesCourtesy of Nintendo

Kidzworld's Gift Guide Wii U GamesKidzworld's Gift Guide Wii U GamesCourtesy of Nintendo

Do you have the new PS4?Do you have the new PS4?Courtesy of PlayStation

Which Xbox One game is on your list?Which Xbox One game is on your list?


Beyonce of Nick Jonas fan?Beyonce of Nick Jonas fan?


ETY•Kids Safe Listening EarphonesETY•Kids Safe Listening EarphonesCourtesy of Etymotic

Kidzworld Kitchen

Holiday treats!Holiday treats!
Have Your Say

What is on your holiday list this year?  Comment below and share with the other Kidzworld readers!




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Kawaii Chan P.O.V Kawaii waited at the bus stop after leaving the house, only just hearing what Katelyn said, she was tempted to go back and finish the cupcake... No, she had to see Zane. The bus came and she went in "where you goin' today sugar?" Kawaii Chan smiled at the man "kawaii Chan is going to the hospital" she said, giving the man a few dollars "please take a seat" kawaii Chan nodded as the bus driver tipped his hat at her, and they started up the road Zane P.O.V Zane felt the wheel chair go over a bump and into the air-conditioned hospital, he shivered, hearing doctors speak, kids crying and adults grunting, groaning and moaning made him nervous, thinking he had to look proper, he sat up straight, instantly regretting it, his back cracked and the nurse laughed "you know, you don't have to be fancy to be at a hospital, right?" Zane sighed "well it sure felt that way" the nurse laughed again, not responding though, then he heard running footsteps behind him, slightly screaming, then a voice "Zane kun!" He realised who it was, "k-kawaii Chan?" Kawaii Chan laughed "of course it's kawaii Chan, silly!" He bit his lip "okay.." he felt himself going over another bump, probably his hospital room, "uh, Zane, you'll need to get up to get on the bed, though you can't see, you think you'll be alright?" Zane shook his head "no" someone took his hand "kawaii Chan can help!" He realised kawaii Chan holding his hand, but he knew he was okay, it was kawaii Chan, he would be safe with her, he realised he was muttering "miss, you're blushing, are you alright?" The nurse said, and kawaii Chan giggled "I'm okay"
reply about 12 hours