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The Best Third Party Games of 2016

Dec 28, 2016

By: Max Cannon

The most talked about games are often console exclusives, Uncharted, Halo, Gears of War, etc, But those aren't the only heavy hitters of the year. These days we don't have to always write off a third party game when compared to a first party. 2016 was a great year for gaming regardless of your platform. 

These are our favorite non-exclusive video games that released in 2016.

1. Inside

Inside was originally going to be on my list of top Xbox exclusives but after a month on Microsoft's console it had scooted on over to PlayStation 4. The follow up to the hit Xbox Arcade game Limbo, Playdead's next game had taken years and years to release. But the long wait seems to be worth it as Inside is one of the first games that I knew I would remember fondly when thinking about this console generation. 

Not an inch of these games feels accidental. Every mistake you made, every wrong turn and failure, felt calculated and something that the developer had anticipated. While the gameplay feels concise, the story is abstract and harder to wrap your mind around. An ending that you'll be unable to predict and you'll still struggle to comprehend once you've set the controller down. Short, reasonably priced, and perfectly paced. Inside is one of the best games you could play in 2016.

Inside's gorgeous gameplay, story, music, and graphics make up 2016's most mysterious game.Inside's gorgeous gameplay, story, music, and graphics make up 2016's most mysterious game.Courtesy of Microsoft

2. Titanfall 2

I really adored the original Titanfall's idea but I find little drive to keep playing a multiplayer game. Titanfall 2 feels pretty similar to the original in terms of control - which is the best part of the series. Respawn Entertainment is made up of a team that created the original pair of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare games and their strength in game design shines in Titanfall 2. The campaign's story didn't deeply resonate with me but the levels themselves were out of this world impressive. 

Running through a factory, fighting in a Titan across a warzone, and being tossed around by your giant robot pal are just some of the awesome set pieces; and one level involving time manipulation stands out as one of the coolest levels I've ever played.

That's probably just the best way to describe Titanfall 2. It's really cool.

Titanfall 2 will satisfty any gamer looking for action set pieces.Titanfall 2 will satisfty any gamer looking for action set pieces.Courtesy of Berduu

3. Watch_Dogs 2

Watch_Dogs 2 is a sequel that fixes things up. The original game was considered too serious and gamers were disappointed and very vocal about their expectations being unmet - but, hey, I really liked the game. Watch_Dogs 2 should just be called "Watch_Dogs: The Apology." This is sequel is fun, light and heads in the exact opposite direction in terms of the original tone. 

Players will hack their way through San Francisco and see one of the brightest cities in modern gaming. Levity is the name of the game and that piece is painted with fun characters, fun music, and a fun, living city.

Fun bright skies reflect the levity of Watch_Dogs 2's world.Fun bright skies reflect the levity of Watch_Dogs 2's world.Courtesy of Ubisoft
Have Your Say!

So what's on your list? Have you played any of the above games? Comment below! 


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