The Simpsons Hit and Run: Xbox Game Review

Marge smokes someone in The Simpsons Hit and Run video game for Xbox.
The Simpsons Hit and Run
The Simpsons Hit and Run: Xbox Game Review - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
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We've got Marge, Homer, Bart and a whole lotta car driving wreckage! Find out here if The Simpsons Hit and Run video game for Xbox is a hit or miss!

The second installment of the Simpson's driving games just pulled up to the Xbox and this one is all action and non-stop fun. It's a total takeoff on the Grand Theft Auto series, full of running, driving, coin collecting and cross-dressing mayhem. And, there are 50 plus wacky missions to complete, all done in that oh so super-sensational Simpson's style!

The Simpsons Hit and Run - Ay Carumba!

It appears that there is yet another series of strange events taking place in the fair city of Springfield. Bizarre black vans with cameras are popping up everywhere, and those good Springfieldians are getting suspicious. Is there trouble afoot at the Kwik-E-Mart? What is this new Buzz Cola I see before me? Who can be behind these strange occurrences? And what does Homer wear under that muumuu? Yeah gang, we're talking classic Simpsons, as it should be, written by the same team that creates the Simpsons TV show. (s-m-r-t, I mean s-m-a-r-t...)

The Simpsons Hit and Run - Excellent Smithers!

Ok, let's just say it. This game totally rocks. Like, a lot. You can play as the Simpson's themselves (Homer, Marge, Bart or Lisa - sorry no Maggie). You can also be one of the seventeen other characters included, one of whom is the funniest, most under-used "slack-jawed yokel" in the Simpson's universe. (Warning: If you drive as Skinner you might go mad... mother is in the backseat... *shudder*). There are about thirty or so vehicles to unlock and the character voices are from the series, plus the graphics are totally detailed and supersonic. The whole game handles like a dream. The bonus games are cool and they unlock new vehicles, not to mention the sheer amount of hidden gems and gags the Simpsons game contains. It's as fast and furious as any Simpson's episode, and you can take on your pals. Have I mentioned I like this game? Oh, ok, don't have a cow man. Sheesh.

The Simpsons Hit and Run - Thank you come again...

Make sure you grab as many coins as you can, cuz you'll need the cash for clothes and cars, among other things. Here's a hint: run over boxes with your car, it's easier and you get more cash. Keep an eye on the hit and run meter, that way you will have a heads-up when Chief Wiggum wigs out. If that doesn't do it, keep in mind that Superman isn't the only guy who can use phone booths for quick changes.

The Simpson's Hit and Run Age Rating:Teen.

The Simpsons Hit and Run Thumbs Up

  • Graphics
  • Voices
  • Exploring Springfield is just plain cool.

    The Simpsons Hit and Run Thumbs Down
  • There aren't any bad things in this video game. I would give this game 5 donuts, with sprinkles. Hmm... donuts...


    1I think The Simpsons Hit and Run is great, even though I am stuck on Auto Topsy part 3.

    Kidz Submit by:

    Nickname: LickeyLad
    Age: 8
    Rating: 5

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    Sealman wrote:

    I love the simpsons hit and run but im stuck on the treehouse of horrer levels
    commented: Thu Mar 31, 2011

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