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So, you've got a question that needs answering, like, now? No time to bounce your new outfit ideas off your friends? Can't decide if you want to order pizza or Chinese? No problem, just ask Guru Joe! He might not be your go-to guy for life-altering decisions but he's totally helpful if you need a quick yes or no. So go ahead - throw him your toughest question. Find out if you should make a move on that hottie you're crushing on, or if you should take Spanish or conversational Japanese. There's nothing this guy can't handle. What are you waiting for? Ask Guru Joe.

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    How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?
    • It’s a pointless holiday
    • It’s fun for couples, depressing for singles
    • It’s too sappy. I’d rather spend the day doing something fun
    • It’s the most romantic day of the year

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    Random in the forums

    Ice-heart posted in Debating:
    "David_Teh_Derp" wrote:. It's spelled you, not u, Obviously, not everyone cares about grammar.  "David_Teh_Derp" wrote:. You clearly aren't smarter than us.,  No one is smarter than one another. We're all equal. 
    reply 13 minutes
    Emily164 posted in Debating:
    Nope,I think both are equally intelligent if we give a chance to them.  :)
    reply 27 minutes
    DavidBecker posted in Debating:
    theoretically girls and boys have the same amount of brain power...( they are both  humans after all) 
    reply 37 minutes
    Gender doesn't have anything to do with intelligence. It's intelligent*, btw.
    reply about 1 hour
    100. xD
    reply about 2 hours

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