PS2 World Tour Soccer 2005

PS2 World Tour Soccer 2005 - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 3 Star Rating)

Couldn't make it Europe for Euro 2004? You can always get your virtual kicks by playing World Tour Soccer 2005 for the PS2.

Couldn't make it to Europe for Euro 2004? You can always get your virtual kicks by playing World Tour Soccer 2005. Read on for Gary's review of World Tour Soccer 2005 for the PS2.

World Tour Soccer 2005 - Hundreds of Teams, Thousands of Players

World Tour Soccer has always kicked serious butt when it comes to the number of teams the game has. World Tour 2005 is no exception. You can choose from over 900 different international and club teams from around the world. Recreate classic rivalries like Man. United vs. Arsenal, Barcelona vs. Real Madrid or Western Samoa vs. Iraq (okay, that last one is by no means a classic, but it shows the range of teams on World Tour 2005). In Career Mode, you can build a team from scratch and turn it into a global soccer powerhouse over 23 seasons. World Tour 2005's manager function also allows gamers to put their own team together by choosing from over 18,000 players. Ever thought of having David Beckham, Landon Donovan and Pele all on the same team? Well, now you can.

World Tour Soccer 2005 - Moves and Controls

The controls on World Tour 2005 are good news, bad news. The good news is the new Icon Passing system, which makes it easier to control corner kicks and throw-ins from the sidelines. You can now target certain areas of the field with a kick and direct a targeted player to run in a certain direction for a pass. While the Icon Passing is cool, some of the other controls for World Tour Soccer 2005 seemed a bit rigid. It was difficult to control the power behind shots and it seemed like players were always being called for fouls when making a fair tackle.

World Tour Soccer 2005 - Worldly Atmosphere

World Tour 2005 deserves big kudos for its efforts to recreate the atmosphere of a live soccer game. Fans really chant and sing songs, the weather is really hot and humid when a team plays in South America and you can get play-by-play and commentary in four different languages. If you ever get bored of hearing the English commentary, turn it to Spanish and you'll notice how much more exciting a goal can be.

World Tour Soccer 2005 Video Game Age Rating: Everyone.

World Tour Soccer 2005 Video Game Thumbs Up:

  • Hundreds of teams to choose from. From the English Premiership to the African Cup, World Tour 2005 has a team for every soccer fan.
  • Career mode - take your own school team and turn it into a global powerhouse!
  • Icon Passing makes it easier to control corner kicks, free kicks and throw-ins.

    World Tour Soccer 2005 Video Game Thumbs Down:

  • No online play! Hello, this is the 21st century. Next year's version desperately needs to allow gamers to play World Tour against other players online.
  • Controls are a bit rigid.

    World Tour Soccer 2005 Rating: 3

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