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Duel Masters TCG: Evo Crushinators of Doom Review

Do you know Kaijudo? If you're a Duel Masters Trading Card Game player then you know all about Kaijudo - the martial art of battling with giant monsters. If you don't, click here for the 411. Duel Masters duelists use Kaijudo to own the zone and kick butt at Duel Masters. Now, with the Evo Crushinators of Doom expansion set there are even more ways to do it.

Duel Masters TCG: Evo Crushinators of Doom New Powers!

Do you like your monsters supersized? Well, with the new Evolution power they're gonna be bigger than ever. Evolution creatures are huge monsters, and are cheap, but you have to put the Evolution monster on top of another monster and lose the first critter. You also need the same kind of critter - a Beast Folk can't evolve from an Armorloid after all!

Duel Masters TCG: Evo Crushinators of Doom More Stuff!

There's more to this set than just evolving monsters though. Check out our review of the Shobu and Kokujo theme decks and the full card set:
  • Click Here for the Evo Crushinators of Doom Theme Decks!
  • Click Here for the Evo Crushinators of Doom Set Review!

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    Fave Duel Masters Game?

    • I like the original cards best.
    • The Evo Crushinators of doom cards rocked.
    • Rampage of the Super Warriors cards are awesome.
    • Cards schmards, I'd rather play the video games!

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