EA Sports NHL 2005 for PS2

Screenshot of Markus Naslund on EA Sports NHL 2005 for the PS2.
NHL 2005
Screenshot of EA Sports NHL 2005 video game for the PS2.
NHL 2005
EA Sports NHL 2005 for PS2 - Reviewed by Kidzworld on Dec 27, 2006
( Rating: 4 Star Rating)

The hard-hitting, slap shot action of EA Sports NHL 2005 for the PS2 has arrived. Check out Kidzworld's review of the cool sports video game.

The NHL may not be playing hockey but don't let that stop you from getting in the game. The hard-hitting, slapshot action of EA Sports NHL 2005 has arrived. Read on for Gary's review of NHL 2005 for the PS2.

EA Sports NHL 2005 - Fast Open Ice Action

Get ready for faster action and more open ice with NHL 2005. With the game's new Open Ice function, your computer-controlled teammates will spread out and are in better position to receive passes than in previous NHL video games. NHL 2005 has also added more auto dekes so the virtual hockey players make the same nifty moves that the superstars make in real life. Another great addition to NHL 2005 is the face-off playbook, which allows you to choose offensive and defensive face-off strategies before the puck drops for a face-off. These changes make games on NHL 2005 more exciting and higher scoring.

EA Sports NHL 2005 - Build Your Own Team

You can be general manager of the Detroit Red Wings, the Toronto Maple Leafs or any other NHL team - or you can create your own team in your favorite city. In NHL 2005, you can build your own team from the ground up by drafting players, making trades or signing free agents. You can build a dynasty over 10 years and even see if your players get into the Hall of Fame! While the Dynasty mode on NHL 2005 is sweeter than a Markus Naslund wrist shot, some fans might miss the Create A Player mode on NHL 2005, which means you can no longer build your own player with unique features. But NHL 2005 has added a World Cup of Hockey game mode so you can pick one of eight international teams and challenge for the 2004 World Cup of Hockey.

EA Sports NHL 2005 - Online Play

The online play on NHL 2005 is so out of this world that you'll forget there's even a lockout. If you've got a network adaptor for your PS2, you can build your team and take a run at the virtual Stanley Cup with the largest online hockey competition in the world. Play online with other hockey fans from around the globe, recieve email roster updates or trash talk with EA Sports online chat function.

NHL 2005 Video Game Age Rating: Everyone.

NHL 2005 Video Game Thumbs Up:

  • Open Ice Function - More action, more speed, more excitement.
  • World Cup of Hockey Mode - Play for your country in the World Cup of Hockey.
  • NHL 2005 Online - Connect your PS2 console to the Internet with a network adaptor and play for the virtual Stanley Cup.

    NHL 2005 Game Thumbs Down:

  • The only thing that really bites about NHL 2005 is that you can't play head-to-head on World Cup mode. You can only play against the computer, which means you can't challenge your friends in a competition for the World Cup of Hockey.
  • Create a player is gone. You can no longer build your own superstar from scratch.

    NHL 2005 Rating: 4

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